Dragon Ball Super Episode 2 Focuses On Vegeta

by Damian Seeto


We’ve known a few details about what the first episode for Dragon Ball Super will cover. Now info has landed on what the second episode will be about.

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has written down some details on what the second episode for Dragon Ball Super will be about. It sounds like a humorous episode involving Vegeta.

The episode will be showing Vegeta as he plans to take a family trip with Bulma and Trunks. This is very interesting as Vegeta is usually portrayed as a “serious” character. It’s great to finally see him loosen up and spend time with his family.

The summary was translated by Kanzenshuu: “Vegeta goes out with Bulma and Trunks to a resort area! Bulma and Trunks are very happy with this unexpected family time together! But even as he’s doing this, Vegeta is bothered that Goku is off training?!

Training under the 10 times gravity on Planet Kaiō is perfect! In spite of the nuisance to Kaiō, Goku starts his training, but what is his surprising training method?!”

There you have it. Vegeta is off spending quality time with his family while Goku is training all the time. It makes you think that Vegeta is a better father than Goku…

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