E3 2016: What Microsoft Should Announce For Xbox One

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Earlier this week, we took a look at some of the announcements we’d like to see Sony reveal at E3 2016. Today, we focus on Microsoft and some of the things they might reveal for the Xbox One at the big event.

Much like the Sony article, our list is in no particular order. Some things might be more realistic than others, but there is no harm in wishing for something extraordinary to hopefully come true.

New Hardware: Rumors have emerged that Microsoft will be revealing two new machines next week at E3 2016. One is a slimmer version of the Xbox One while another is a new machine being called the “Scorpio”. The slim Xbox One is a good move as the original design is bulky and takes a lot of room. As for the Scorpio, we don’t know much about it but it’s speculated to be much more powerful than the original Xbox One. The Scorpio is rumored to be out in 2017.

Oculus Rift Support Speaking of the Scorpio, it’s also speculated that it will have Oculus Rift support. VR gaming could be the future of the video game industry and it won’t make much sense if Microsoft ignores it. Sony will be releasing the PlayStation VR headset later this year, so expect Microsoft to probably make an announcement that the Oculus Rift will be compatible with a Microsoft console sooner rather than later.

Release dates for Xbox One games: There are quite a few Xbox One video games that will be out in the near future without any sort of release date. Outside of Gears of War 4, we don’t know when any other Xbox One exclusive will be out. We believe release dates for Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3 and more will finally be revealed.


More on Scalebound and Recore: Scalebound and Recore have been hovering below the radar lately. Since it was announced Scalebound was being delayed until 2017, we have not heard of it ever again. Recore is another game that hasn’t been in the spotlight lately. E3 2016 should at least give us more details and gameplay footage of both of these games.

Forza Horizon 3: Microsoft revealed not too long ago that the next Forza game will be announced at E3 2016. Outside of the cover car for the game, they didn’t say what type of Forza game will be out in the near future. We fully expect the next Forza game will be Forza Horizon 3 as that series has done well in the past. It will be interesting to see what country we’ll be able to drive to next.

Rare revivals of Battletoads or Conker: Rare is one of the most talented developers out there, but sadly they have a lot of IPs that have laid dormant for many years. After the success of Rare Replay last year, it will be cool to see if Rare or another Microsoft developer tackles a new game(s) based on Conker or Battletoads. Sony managed to somewhat revive the platform gaming genre with this year’s Ratchet and Clank, so hopefully Microsoft does something similar.

Original Xbox backwards compatibility: This might be wishful thinking, but it is a feature that a lot of gamers would love to see. Microsoft pleased everyone when they announced last year that Xbox 360 games will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One. A great way to keep fans happy is to find a way to make original Xbox video games backwards compatible.

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