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Five Things to do in Miitomo

by Louisa Bhairam


Now the hype for Miitomo has died down a little, your Mii might be just be standing there bored. Here are a few things to do with the app to get going again!

  • Add More Friends

Miitomo is a very social app, and playing without other people is not worthwhile. Twitter is the best place to find people, search the Miitomo hashtag and follow the person who will then be able to add on your Miitomo friends list. Also be sure to check your ‘suggested’ friends. QR codes do not work at this point! They will just duplicate the Mii, so be careful!

  • Play the Mii Drop Game

The Mii Drop can be found under the ‘Shop’ part of the toolbar. You will play a Plinko style game and be able to win unique items which change often, so keep checking back! While in the Shop area, be sure to pimp out your Mii with some new outfits and accessories.

  • Answer loads of questions

Answering questions is really important in having a good Miitomo experience. Click your Mii at any time and they will ask you random questions about yourself, allowing your friends to see which becomes a great starting point for conversation. Don’t be afraid to be inventive with your answers! Listen to friends answers too, you might find out something interesting about them!

  • MiiFoto

The possibilities with MiiFoto are truly endless. Re-enact your favourite movie scenes, pose with Mii friends by a famous landmark, be eaten by a giant shark, pretty much anything is possible here. Choose backgrounds and then customise your Mii. You can choose their facial expression, body pose, add text, colour, and make it animated or stationary.  Choose to share your creations via the Miitomo hashtag on Twitter and be sure to check out others!

  • Complete My Nintendo Missions

Your My Nintendo Missions can be found under the Menu section of the toolbar. Check these often to win My Nintendo points which can be used in the new Nintendo reward scheme. Some are very simple such as ‘listen to five answers in one day’, so definitely do this for points and to stave off boredom.

There will hopefully be new features added to the app as time goes on, so update it regularly and check in on your Mii every day!


What do you think of Miitomo so far? Are you hooked, or has it become a bit stale after a while? Let us know in the comments!

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