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Harada Reveals Why Alisa’s Breasts Bounce In Tekken 7

by Jelani James


Tekken 7 is a deep fighting game with an abundant amount of lore behind each of its characters. Therefore it’s only natural that there would plenty of questions pertaining to both that fans would like to ask Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada directly about.

The morning of July 4 was no different and one person took to Twitter so they could get one important question off their chest: “Why does Alisa even have breast bounce? Isn’t her torso plastic?”

For those unfamiliar with the Tekken series or just haven’t played Tekken 7, here’s the story: Alisa Bosconovitch, or simply Alisa, is an android created by the mysterious Dr. Bosconovitch in the image of his dead daughter. Most people in the Tekken universe don’t even know that she’s an android, as she looks and talks like a normal human being and will flat out deny her status as one if questioned.

However, this facade starts to fall apart once she starts fighting. Right off the bat, you’ll soon notice she has thrusters on her back to move around the battleground at high speed. What’s more, she can turn her hands into chainsaws and propel them forward for a classic Rocket Punch attack. Lastly, if none of the other stuff was a dead giveaway, she can use her head as a bomb…which regenerates soon after.

With properties like that, its actually not the most unreasonable thing in the world to question why Alisa’s breasts would bounce. And, amusingly enough, Harada had already considered this phenomenon in the past and was quick to give a response.

“Her skeleton by Tungsten carbide & the outer skin armor consists of titanium & depleted uranium,” Harada responded. “But its surroundings are Artificial skin.”

“They serve as shock absorbers,” he concluded.

So there you have it. If Alisa’s bouncing breasts in Tekken 7 caused you to lose some sleep in the past, you finally have your answer.

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