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Loot Becomes Easier to Farm in Remnant: From the Ashes

Grind your missing equipment without the hassle of starting over.

by Brandon Adams


Gunfire Games has recently added a new way to farm your missing loot: Adventure Mode, which helps take the sting out of completing your collection.

Less Pain; More Loot

Adventure Mode allows the player to “re-roll” one segment of the game, instead of the entire campaign. Rather than restart their entire game to grind the loot they’re missing, players can instead pick to roll an Earth, Rhom, or Yaesha instance without overwriting their campaign progress (with Corsus and additional content to be added in the future). Still need the Chicago Typewriter? Players can now focus entirely on re-rolling Earth until the event that drops it triggers. Players can even choose to play their adventure run on a different difficulty than their campaign, whether that is dropping down to Normal for a brief respite, or cranking up to Nightmare if seeking a challenge. The game continues to scale based on player equipment, so even if returning to earlier dungeons and bosses players will find they still need to pay attention to their surroundings and engage enemies intelligently.

There are some minor caveats, of course. Adventure Mode still relies on the campaign’s procedural generation to build the zone and associated dungeons. While this is certainly fine considering the more bite-sized approach, you’re still victim to Remnant’s whims. I found myself repeating dungeons and bosses I’d already farmed to death within my first Adventure, as events, quests and bosses I have yet to see remained hidden away. Sure, I can easily go back, re-roll the adventure and try again, but if players were expecting Adventure Mode to take your existing progress into account when generating the new map then they’ll be somewhat disappointed. That, and I found a few areas where the tiles didn’t quite mesh as intended, such as when I could see the partially rendered entrance to one of the dungeons. I did not have this issue in the campaign, so it was odd to see it here.


A More Efficient Grind

All said, I found the mode to be a fine way to farm, regardless. I stumbled upon plenty of Tomes of Knowledge, allowing me to further boost my traits and power. Enemy scaling is handled the same way as it is in the Campaign Mode, so I was rewarded with ample experience and level-appropriate materials. Scrap, the general currency, was easy enough to farm and within an hour I found myself going from nil to roughly 10,000. I also walked away with over 23 Lumenite Crystals, a critical upgrade resource I often struggled to have drop in the campaign. While I did not find any Simulacrum during my runs (the key resource behind maxing out equipment and purchasing more of the health replenishing Dragon Hearts), it does have a chance to appear. Ace, the materials vendor back in the hub of Ward 13, also has a chance of the elusive material spawning within her wares. In the end, it felt like a worthwhile hour of grinding, as I came away more powerful and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Knowing I could also get some new loot to spawn without starting from scratch was the cherry on top.

More Builds To Pay the Bills

Additionally, Gunfire Games has made a host of balance changes across weapons, armor, items and general quality of life. Most notable is the addition of a single extra flat bonus to each armor-set that does not scale with additional pieces. The idea is to fulfill the community’s, “…desire for more build variety at all levels of play.” To put it simply, there is more incentive to mix and match armor pieces to better fit a variety of builds. Most of the weapons had a balance pass, and VOIP now has a volume slider for when your random teammate insists on sharing their techno with the group. A new ring – the Ring of the Admiral – was added that increases damage taken by 300% whilst increasing player damage dealt by 15% (for the masochists in the crowd). This and much, much more can be found within the patch notes on Steam.


Overall, Adventure Mode is a fine addition to Remnant: From the Ashes. It allows players a better way to farm what they are missing, without sacrificing one of the game’s core pillars. Sure, the procedural generation may still prove stingy, and some players may want for an easier, more direct path to their missing loot, but the ultimate mystery behind what the procedural generation may giveth or taketh away remains intact. Now players can focus on the parts they want to grind without starting from the very beginning, cutting out most of the tedium.

More To Come

Announced alongside Adventure mode, Gunfire Games will also add an additional dungeon to Earth later this week. Leto’s Labs will have additional lore to find, puzzle elements to conquer, a new boss to tackle, and extra loot to farm. Like Adventure Mode this update will be free. It should be out September 19th. Check out our Remnant: From the Ashes review if you have yet to dive into the various worlds of this surprise hit.

- This article was updated on:September 17th, 2019

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