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Perception Hands-on and Interview: Like Bioshock with a Blind Girl

by Kyle Hanson


The joy of smaller, indie style gaming is that it allows developers to explore gameplay concepts that simply wouldn’t be seen in a AAA title. Perception is a perfect example of this, putting players into the shoes of a blind girl. The game isn’t totally black though, with sound working where the protagonist’s eyes don’t. This unique concept merges with a first-person horror experience to create something that so far looks like it will satisfy anyone looking for something new in the gaming world.

Perception draws a lot of comparisons to Bioshock for good reason

For a game starring a blind girl, Perception goes to great lengths to craft a wonderful visual experience. Using realistically crafted echo location style hearing, Perception allows players to “see” using sound. Wind, rain, doors closing, or the tap of your trusty cane will send waves out that then allow you to “see” everything around you. Using this ability you will explore a “haunted” house that has been plaguing the protagonist’s nightmares for some time.

What you’ll find in that house are horrors and secrets beyond your belief. Yes, there are enemies, and they are trying to kill you, though they won’t show up for a while after you start your journey. The key to Perception’s heightened tension is the fact that these enemies will key off of any noise you make, which means you have to be careful about when you use your cane, which also limits your ability to see what’s around you.

And you’ll want to see, because the house itself feels alive. As you explore it things will shift and change. Doors will open up, paths will be blocked and then be revealed, and more. You have a way of seeing where you should go, but getting there is half the battle.

The part of the game I played was just a portion of what’s to come. There will be many different chapters, all spread out over time. You’ll learn more about the house itself and the blind girl who is exploring it, delivering an engaging story experience.

Perception draws a lot of comparisons to Bioshock for good reason. Many of the developers behind the game are ex-Bioshock people, and their skill at crafting exciting and ominous experiences have definitely paid off here. To learn more about this and all things Perception, check out the interview I had with Deep End Games’ Amanda Gardner below.

Perception is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year.

Perception Interview

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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