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PSA: Do Not Buy Rock Band Blitz Right Now (UPDATE: Working Now)

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: The issue has been resolved and players are able to download the soundtrack now.

Thanks to Rock Band 4, fans are getting back into the plastic musical instrument series in a big way. Buying old songs is easy, but getting packs of them is inexplicably hard at the moment. Imports from older games have all been broken, with Harmonix promising to get them working ASAP. One bright spot in this sea of confusion was Rock Band Blitz, which worked differently than the past RB games in terms of its export.

Instead of having to buy a special key, and exporting songs from the game, Rock Band Blitz simply added the songs to your account, letting you download them in other RB titles for free. 25 songs were offered for a pretty low price compared to buying them individually. Fans rejoiced and looked to import those songs into Rock Band 4 earlier than any other game.

For those that purchased Rock Band Blitz awhile ago, this is exactly how it worked (with a bit of a delay as Harmonix got the songs working on RB4), but new purchasers are having huge issues with the game. Buying Rock Band Blitz off of the PlayStation Store works fine, you can then load the game and get the requisite prompt to download the soundtrack. This is where the songs would be added to your account normally. However, instead of getting sent to the free download pack, players are just told that there is nothing to purchase.

The song pack is the entire reason you buy the game, as the demo is available for free, allowing you to play other songs in the game. After spending $15 on the game, they are essentially in the same place as those that just downloaded the free demo. Sony has had decent response time on this problem, offering most fans refunds once they go through the lengthy explanation process. Harmonix, on the other hand, has been terrible. There has been virtually no response from them on these issues, with many fans opening tickets and sending emails.

This has all been about the PlayStation version, but Rock Band Blitz is also on the Xbox 360. I have tried to locate someone that purchased the game recently on there to test this out with no results. I’m assuming that the soundtrack has been pulled from both stores for some reason, though I can’t confirm Xbox is also impacted. If you have bought Rock Band Blitz on Xbox 360 in the last few weeks please let me know how your experience has gone.

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