The Best Cosplay at PAX East 2019

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PAX East 2019 was full of awesome games to play, but the real draw is all the fun people in the gaming community. There’s just a different atmosphere to the convention thanks to the fans, many of which dress up as their favorite characters from the games that they love. Last year was full of great cosplay, but 2019 may have beaten it. Here’s all the best cosplay from PAX East 2019.

Zelda is always a huge favorite among the cosplay community, but there was a unique variety to the costumes this year. Persona, Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and tons more were on display, along with a lot of League of Legends as is the norm for PAX. What was really cool was seeing some of the more unique takes on franchises, especially Mario which had a lot of variations on characters such as Bowser and Boo.

With the Super Smash Bros. tournament taking place on Saturday, we also saw a few people dressed as their main character, like King Dedede or Piranha Plant. Resident Evil also got some representation, likely thanks to the awesome Resident Evil 2 Remake having released earlier this year. And of course, it wasn’t just games on display with One Punch Man and Leeloo from Fifth Element.

Check out all the pics below, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.






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