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The Best Videogame Takes on the Steamed Hams Meme

by Jose Belmonte


Internet users, in all their wisdom, have managed to give back its well-deserved acclaim to a classic sketch from The Simpsons named ‘Skinner & the Superintendent,’ which revolves around primary school director Seymour Skinner and his poor attempt to offer his supervisor a decent meal. He ends up serving regular hamburgers from the nearest Krusty Burger, but he calls them ‘steamed hams,’ despite the fact they have been obviously grilled.

The sketch is part of the classic 1996 episode ’22 Short Films About Springfield,’ and who knows why of all 22 this was the one chosen to become a viral sensation 20 years later, but the fact is that the video has entered the hall of fame of Internet memes thanks to thousands of social media users sharing the original and creating their own alternative takes. Those are based on other shows like Twin Peaks or Dragon Ball Z (with extra filler and act breaks!) or just creative concepts like this version where no one is really at the house.

But we are here to review and celebrate the best retakes on the Steam Hams meme based on videogames, and trust me, there are some really great ones that make Seymour and the Superintendent Chalmers feel just like characters from our favourite titles. Let’s take a look, in no particular order.

Guitar Hero

Probably the most famous of all Steam Hams memes, and certainly one of the best ones for the increible amount of work put into perfectly synchronizing each sound with the Guitar Hero board. A real triumph of the Simpsons fan community.

Hotline Miami

Another popular one, which stands out for being a complete recreation of the video with the graphics of the game. Plus it goes to the extreme of introducing the same level of gore from the game whenever there’s a chance.

Metal Gear Solid

This is probably my personal favourite, not only for the theme but just the outstanding attention to detail and the creativity in recreating the original Metal Gear experience. Tell me I’m not the only one who tears up listening to the music at the end.

Ace Attorney

Steamed Hams, but it’s a visual novel of mystery. Dialogues are shown in the same way as the Ace Attorney games, and there’s even a portion of investigating the dish to see whether they are steamed or grilled.

Nier: Automata

Atmospheric music, loading screens that emulate a computer, multiple variations that unlock after clearing the first one…yeah, we are in the world of Nier: Automata…or maybe I should say “steamed h[A]ms.”


The Steamed Hams story gets remixed as everyone’s favourite killing game. Superindentend Chalmers spends the first part collecting truth bullets, only to hold a trial against Seymour later on in order to reveal the truth…Pu hu hu hu!


Another beautifully done retake on the sketch, this time told through the graphics of Minecraft.

Star Fox 64

What is funny about this concept is that it could have been made around the same time the episode was aired. In any case, prepare to see the Steamed Hams story just with an added Nintendo 64 flavour, which obviously makes everything better.

Bonus: The Original

It’s fun to think of alternative versions to tell the same story, but let us also appreciate just what a great comedic piece was the original. And here we have talked about the Steamed Hams sketch, but there’s also Smither’s allergic reaction, Lisa’s hair problem, and, of course, Cletus the Slack-jawed Yokel.

Well Seymour, you are an odd fellow but I must say…you steam a good ham.

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