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The Best Spooky Games to Play on Halloween

by Dean James

9. Earthworm Jim – What The Heck?


There are many stages within Earthworm Jim that could likely fit this theme, with it including some of the strangest and bizarre level themes. However, the best to play basically takes you to Hell, or in this case Planet Heck. Featuring the always hilarious Evil The Cat as the main boss of the stage, Jim must traverse the bowels of Heck. Perhaps the most memorable part is the fantastic background music for the stage that can be heard here, which takes off from the classic Night on Bald Mountain. Just like most things in Earthworm Jim, you likely will be asking yourself “What the heck?” while playing.

8. Kingdom Hearts – Halloween Town


Certainly one of the most unique on the list, Halloween Town takes an existing movie and brings it into the world of gaming with Kingdom Hearts. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a true classic that can be enjoyed at both Halloween and Christmas, but the first Kingdom Hearts game focused on the former. Not only putting Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the middle of the story, they also get special costumes that are usable only within the Halloween Town world as well. With Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix coming out last year and the follow-up on the horizon, this is certainly one to give a try tonight.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Bottom of the Well/Shadow Temple


Bottom of the Well was one of the first game areas I thought about for this list, but there was no way to also leave out the Shadow Temple, especially since both are found in succession in Kakariko Village. Bottom of the Well is basically part 1, where the young Link must venture into the well and instantly be scared by the always frightening Redeads and Dead Hands. By completing this mini-dungeon, the player will obtain the Lens of Truth, allowing the player to then make it through the Shadow Temple. From the eerie music of both, to the numerous Redeads, to the final boss of Bongo Bongo, these two are excellent areas to play all alone with the lights off on Halloween night. Just try not to jump at least once when surprised by the shriek of a Redead.

6. Mario Kart 8 – Twisted Mansion


Easily the newest entry on the list, Twisted Mansion very quickly became one of the standout stages of Mario Kart 8 when it released earlier this year. Somewhat reminiscent of the Forest Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with it’s twisting hallways, this level is full of creepy objects and enemies. As part of the Flower Cup, the level is one of the earlier ones you will likely play in the game and the impression it leaves is long lasting. This is another case of a stage where the music really helps to propel it to new heights, which can be heard here.

5. Mega Man 7 – Shade Man’s Stage


Mega Man has had an abundance of different themed stages over the years, but there was one in particular that fits the Halloween theme perfectly that came once the series moved to the Super Nintendo with Shade Man’s stage in Mega Man 7. Even from the main menu, one can tell that this would be a good fit with the vampire based boss, but it’s the stage that makes it all the more better. The enemies are almost all horror based with creepy backgrounds and even the mini-boss is a robotic pumpkin.

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