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Top 10 Memorable Moms In Video Games


Although they aren’t without their flaws, video game moms have a lot to contend with and don’t get enough recognition. To celebrate it being Mother’s Day this weekend, we have compiled a list of some of the most memorable moms in video games, whether good, bad or just plain weird.

PokeMom – Pokemon series


Mom’s in the Pokemon games can be seen two ways- on one hand they send you into a world of dangerous animals at the age of ten and spend all your money while you’re away, but on the other hand they fully support your life choices as long as you promise to eat right and wear clean clothing. Sometimes in Gold/Silver she actually gets it right and uses your money for helpful items, and she always reminds you that she loves you. Aww.

Rosalina – Super Mario Galaxy


Adopted mother of the weirdly cute Lumas, Rosalina definitely deserves a mention on this list. Her journey into motherhood began when Rosalina befriended a Luma who was waiting for his mom. She helped him to search, but with no sign and a memory of the death of her own mother, she decided to adopt him and the other Lumas, whilst providing a good home for them. We can’t imagine that taking care of Lumas is particularly easy, but she still finds time to watch over the cosmos and help Mario & friends against Bowser.

Mad Moxxi – Borderlands


Moxxi is a force to be reckoned with. Although she is sadistic, violent and promiscuous, she is also a compassionate mom to her children Ellie and Scooter. Moxxi took her kids and left the Hodunk clan in order to protect her daughter from becoming a clan wife, and hasn’t looked back since. She is not a mom to be messed with, owning various weapons and running a fighting pit on the side. Although her relationship with her kids isn’t super close, she still deserves a mention for just how cool she is.

Mother Brain – Metroid


Although TECHNICALLY not a mother, her actions are reminiscent of a power hungry, controlling maternal figure. Mother Brain was created by the peaceful Chozo, but turned against them and became cold and unfeeling after becoming displeased with what she witnessed. In a classic case of ‘mother knows best’, she decided to set everything back to zero in order to restore true order to the universe. She acts as the surrogate mom for the space pirates, and is one of the most iconic and interesting characters in the Metroid Universe.

Ness’ Mom – Earthbound


Ness would not have been able to go on his adventure without his mom. Like the Pokemon moms, and most mothers in RPG games, she is happy to let you embark on a potentially dangerous adventure with seemingly no problem. That said, she is always on hand to call when Ness is feeling homesick, and reminds you of your important destiny and how proud she is. She also replenishes your health with yummy steaks when you’re low on HP. That’s a great Mom!

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