Top 10 Worst Movie Tie In Games Of All Time

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Movie tie in games are notorious for being rushed, glitchy and short. How could we possibly pick out the worst from such a seemingly doomed genre? Well, we’ve tried. Here are some of the worst to ever grace our consoles. Be sure to add your own in the comments!

1. Street Fighter: The Movie The Game (1995)


Just when you thought this movie could not get any worse, here’s the game for the movie! In it, you could play as the characters from the (terrible) movie including awful digitized animations of the film cast which made moving around a clunky and flawed process. What made no sense about this was that it was a game based on a movie which was based on a game, and the original Street Fighter series was just fine to start with.

2. Catwoman (2004)


Again, a movie which did not exactly receive overwhelming reception, and yet the game somehow manages to make it worse?  A jarring camera perspective, boring story line and bad combat controls combine for a big NO as far as gaming experiences go.

3. Charlie’s Angels (2003)


Actually rated 1/10 by Playstation Magazine, Charlie’s Angels was filled with invisible walls stopping players from entering the unfinished parts of the levels. Add to this poor graphics(the characters didn’t even resemble the actresses), a mundane storyline and bad fighting animations and you can see why the reviewers were so harsh.

4. E.T The Extra Terrestrial (1982)


Poor E.T has often been blamed for the demise of Atari. One of the most successful films of the 80’s became a gaming nightmare when Atari gave developer Howard Warshaw was given only 5 weeks to develop it in time for Christmas 1982. It was a poor decision as the game was filled with horrible graphics, poor gameplay and boring tasks. Kids were distressed by the amount of falling down holes involved in the game(really) resulting in an influx of returns after Christmas. Atari eventually went into debt in the video game crash of 1983, and the remainder of stock was dumped in a New Mexico landfill.

5. Back to the Future (1989)


Such an iconic movie deserved a better game than this NES movie tie in. In it, you collect clocks as Marty Mcfly. And, er, that’s it. The music is repetitive and the game does not make sense (you are dodging swarms of bees and hula hooping girls- what?!) Also, Marty is a bit of a wuss, and dies from one hit of anything which sends you right back to the beginning. The films co-writer Bob Gale actually deemed this “one of the worst games ever” and we would have to agree.

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