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Top 10 Worst Movie Tie In Games Of All Time

by Louisa Bhairam

6. Ironman (2008)


Type ‘Ironman Game’ into Google and you will see under ‘Awards’: “Gamespot Award for Worst Use of a Great License” and “Gamespot Award for Worst Game Ever Played”. Add to this Nintendo Magazine’s quote regarding the graphics to be like “a four year old’s attempt at making a LEGO robot before getting bored and throwing it in the mud. And then stamping on it. And then leaving it there so a fox can take a dump on it” and you’ve got one big ouch. Apart from the fox poo mud graphics, there is also a repetitive storyline and the fact that random enemies from the comics appear for no apparent reason. It does seem like a waste for a character with so much potential.

7. The Wizard of Oz (1993)


The main problem in this game is that everything hates you. Armchairs, lemons, and even CLOUDS will come at you to attack you from all angles. Dorothy is not the best at attacking either, and this game crosses the line from hard to just plain frustrating. Not in Kansas anymore!

 8. Batman and Robin (1997)


The movie was universally panned and mostly remembered for Bat-Nipples, and the game did not fare much better. Batman & Robin sees its characters’ cruise around in the Bat-Mobile to find clues around Gotham City in order to catch villains. Although it doesn’t look too bad, the controls were slow, the streets were not Bat-Mobile friendly and the camera angles were horrific. It tried really hard to combine driving, combat and puzzle solving but did not deliver, probably because it’s source material was lacking. Also, for some reason they’ve opted to make Gotham so dark you can’t see what’s going on. No street lights?

9. Jurassic Park: Trespasser(1998)


Another game which disappointed beyond belief, Jurassic Park: Trespasser was a shoddy and glitch filled mess. Your character, Anne has ended up on Site B, a world still filled with dinosaurs, and must find a way to leave. The game has been noted as going too far with it’s physics engine, meaning that completing a simple puzzle takes far longer than needed due to you knocking things over every five minutes. There are also the problems of poor voice acting, frustrating tropes such as not being able to carry more than two items at once and not enough dinosaurs. Boo.

10. Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)


It was always going to be tough to fill Goldeneye’s shoes, but this game didn’t even come close. The first person style was replaced with third person and multiplayer was done away with. The game was by no means terrible, but it failed to live up to its predecessor and left fans unfulfilled.

Honorable Mention : Superman 64 (1999)


Although not strictly a movie tie in, this is one game that must be mentioned. Superman 64 sees Lex Luthor decide to trap Superman in a Krytonite filled version of Metropolis for no reason whatsoever. The game is filled with fog, glitches, poor collision detection, more fog and awful controls. Flying was a chore, with Superman non responsive to the controls and taking a total of 10 seconds to turn around. Sometimes he would just plain walk through a wall for the heck of it. Despite this, Superman 64 was the 3rd best-selling game for N64 that year, and we have absolutely no idea why.

Got a game to add or disagree with any of these? Let us know below!

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