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Top 5 Best Games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Our favorite mini-games of them all

by Kyle Hanson


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken the gaming world by storm thanks to its creative and unique design. Part of what makes this whacky Battle Royale experience so much fun is how many different styles of game are offered. Each attempt to grab the crown tasks players with winning a new set of games. There’s two dozen games offered, so the mixture is almost always different. But as players have jumped, dived, fought, and scrambled their way to hopeful victory, so games have become favorites while others are best avoided. We’re going to break them both down, but let’s start with the good stuff. Here’s the top 5 best games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Top 5 Best Games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

We’re going to go in descending order and have a few stipulations for this list. First off, this is being put together shortly after launch. Some games may age better than others, so take this as an initial impressions sort of thing for a while. We’ll update later as things progress. Secondly, as far as metrics it’s mostly just personal preference. I’m mostly focused on fun and playability, but will also try to include different types of games and ones that are easily won by skilled players. Fun is key though, so hopefully this list matches up pretty well to how you feel. With that out of the way, here they are…


#5 – Door Dash

This is pretty much Fall Guys distilled into its very essence. The whole game is based on Takeshi’s Castle (as made famous in the US through Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) and this game was always a favorite there. In it players must make it through a series of doors and past the finish line before others have a chance to qualify for the next round. Things aren’t that simple though, as most doors are fake and block your progress. The fun comes in when new openings are discovered forcing dozens of players to smash together through the tiny opening. It’s not the most competitive or skillful game, but it is a ton of fun.


#4 – Jump Club

You’ll notice on this list that the elimination games, where you’re not racing but instead waiting for others to fall to their demise, aren’t that popular with me. Jump Club is one of the few exceptions, featuring two rotating arms for players to dodge. The fun comes in quick as the arms start to change their pace and begin sweeping Fall Guys to theirm doom. Sure, jumping over the small and fast green arm may be easy at first, but when the two start to converge or other players get in your way it can mean a quick elimination.


#3 – Jinxed

Also unpopular for myself and many others if the internet is anything to go by are Fall Guys’ many team games. One of the main reasons for this is that they feel even more random due to your reliance on other players. Tack on some wonky physics and a tendency to swing wildly near the end and these games can be problematic. But Jinxed doesn’t suffer from this due to its simple and fun design. Teams just have to play tag, marking their victim with the Jinxed which they’ll then try to pass to your players. The last team standing moves on. It’s fast, simple, and works well as a team game that eliminates a lot of players, hopefully near the end of the show.


#2 – Hit Parade

Hit Parade is the perfect distillation of what makes Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout so much fun. The obstacle course is a blast to run through, but becomes even more entertaining as 60 players fight to qualify for the next round. Featuring a bunch of different challenges, this game is the perfect showcase of what makes Fall Guys work so well. Players will need to be fast but methodical, skilled and lucky. And it all combines into one of the best games in Fall Guys.


#1 – Fall Mountain

But the very best is of course saved for last. This might not be as complex as Hit Parade, but you can’t deny the adrenaline fueled chaos of this winner-take-all challenge. Playing much like the other obstacle course levels Fall Mountain has the distinct honor of being the last challenge for many games. Featuring a giant golden crown at the end, it’s the source of the “grab the crown” slogan that has seeped into the Fall Guys community. While most players won’t have beaten it yet, if you have then it will surely become one of, if not your most favorite game in all of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

I’d also like to give an honorable mention to Slime Climb and The Whirlygig which were cut just due to being too similar to these last two. So that’s our picks for the top 5 best games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. What do you think? Did we hit them all, or miss something important? Let us know what your favorite games are in the comments below.

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