Top 5 Best Skins in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The rarest and best looking skins

by Kyle Hanson

Everybody playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has one thing on their mind: how they can grab that crown. But why do we want the crown? Why do we fight so hard against 59 other beans just to secure another useless piece of junk? Because they’re not useless at all, of course. Those hard-fought crowns and the Kudos you earn along the way are valuable pieces of currency that can be used to buy the real reason we’re all playing the game: skins. But which are the best? Here’s our picks for the top 5 best skins in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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Top 5 Best Skins in Fall Guys

This list is clearly not objective, instead featuring our opinions about what the best skins are in the game. But what criteria are we using? It’s pretty simple: what looks coolest. Well, maybe not quite that simple. We’re also factoring in rarity. I mean, you don’t want to load up a game of Fall Guys only to be met with 60 identical beans, do you? Also, note that we haven’t seen everything Fall Guys has to offer just yet, and more skins will be added all the time, so watch for updates in the coming months. So mix rarity in with how they look and here’s what we think are the best among those seen so far.

5 – Hot Dog


Starting out by immediately ignoring one of the two rules I stated, we have the Hot Dog skin. This isn’t rare in any real way, as it’s given away for free as part of the season rewards. You’ll see a lot of these running through the trecherous lands of Hit Parade and Fall Mountain, but does that really matter when it looks this awesome? Alternatively you can pick up the paid DLC pack full of fast food items, all of which are fun and will be more rare.

4 – Golden Hatchling


This tiny egg hat is one of the newer skins we’ve seen within Fall Guys: Ultimat Knockout, and it became an instant favorite for a few reasons. It’s very rare, with only a handful of players featuring the costume in our games. It’s also pretty subtle as compared to a lot of the other best skins in the game. But a huge bonus of the Golden Hatchling skin is that it shows off your pattern much more than others. Add it all up and it’s one of the best featured in the game so far.

Image credit: Youtube User Dubbd OuT

3 – Bulletkin


There’s a lot of cool natural skins in Fall Guys, especially dinosaur costumes, which seem to pop up all the time. Bulletkin, a crossover coming from Enter the Gungeon, is much more unique among the offerings we’ve seen in the game so far, which would already make it worth picking up. But it’s also just really cool, fun, and cute. This skin will certainly make you stand out as you make your way to the winner’s circle.

2 – Hero


Few skins lean so far into the mechanics of Fall Guys as much as the Hero costume set. Running, jumping, sliding, and diving are all parts of every superhero’s repertoire, so why not dress up like one while you do these things on the obstacle courses? Sure, the cape doesn’t flow in the wind like we hoped, but it still looks great and definitely stands out in the crowd.

Image Credit: YouTube user NoobRager01

1 – Crash Test Dummy


The ultimate skin for a few reasons, Crash Tester is simply Fall Guys perfection. Given to those who participated in the beta, it can’t be bought from the store now. You had to earn this, and it will only become rarer as more players join the game. It also looks great and fits the themes of the game so perfectly that we won’t be shocked to see Mediatonic create a public variant some day. Every player would surely love to have one of these, so while you might feel a lot of FOMO right now, your patience might pay off some day.

So those are our picks for the top 5 best skins in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. We didn’t really mean to, but these are all free skins as well. The paid DLC has some cool ones, but Mediatonic saved the best for everyone it seems. More are being added and revealed every day though, so share your picks in the comments below and maybe they’ll be featured in a future update.

- This article was updated on August 21st, 2020