Wii U Gift Guide 2014

by Dean James

Christmas is almost here and one of the most popular items every year that people ask for are video games. We’ve already told you about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which did share a number of games. However, the Wii U is basically its own entity that is propped up by its own exclusives. As a result, this list may not be quite as long as the others, but arguably this console has the best lineup of exclusives available right now.

Just like with the other gift guides, the price in the parentheses is the retail price, but the detailed description will include any sales we know of going on. Without further ado, this is the Wii U Gift Guide for 2014 split up among the console, accessories, newer games, older games, and digital games.

Wii U Console ($299.99)


The Wii U itself launched two years ago at a little higher price point for the Deluxe edition, but has since seen a price cut as the Deluxe because the base console. There are bundles out there with games like Mario Kart 8 that you have trouble finding, but the undoubtedly best option to get today only is the Super Mario 3D World and Nintendoland 32 GB Wii U Deluxe bundle at Target. For only $249.99, you get the console and two games with, one of which is one of the absolute best games to release on the console thus far.

Wii U Pro Controller ($49.99)


Similar to the original Wii, the Wii U has a very unique controller with its GamePad. However, there is a much more classic option out there with the Wii U Pro Controller. Offering a controller very similar to that of the Xbox One, the Wii U Pro Controller is one of the most comfortable of them all. The GamePad is very comfortable for its size, but sometimes a controller like this is just better suited for games like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Even better, the controller has exceptional battery life that beats out its competitors by a good margin.

Wii Remote Plus Controller ($39.99)


As the only system with backwards compatibility this generation, the Wii U has plenty of integration with the Wii Remote controller. If you owned a Wii prior, you can always use your Wii Remotes again here, preferably of the Wii Remote Plus variety. However, if you did not, it is a good idea to pick a few up, especially as they can be used for a variety of games like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, and more. Not to forget that the console can play all Wii games as well. In addition, the Classic Controller Pro isn’t a bad idea to pick up to pair with these.

Wii Nunchuk Controller ($19.99)


If you are planning on purchasing a Wii Remote Plus Controller for your Wii U, it would probably be a good idea to also pick up a Nunchuk controller. While not used anywhere near as much as the Wii Remote, the nunchuk is often paired with it to use in a number of games, especially of the Wii games that can be played on the console also.

amiibo ($12.99)


Launching alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U a month ago, the amiibo have been quite the discussion topic in the time since. Similar in style to the figures seen with Skylanders and Disney Infinity, the amiibo are used in a variety of current and future Wii U and even 3DS games later. Many of the most popular ones like Link can be found most places, but there are also plenty of rare figures like Marth and Wii Fit Trainer that are near impossible to find. Wave 2 has hit this week, so they may be worth grabbing if you can find them as soon as possible. For the most effective use in games right now, Link is your best bet, but this is a case where you can just pick out the figures you can find or want.

GameCube Controller Adapter ($19.99)


I almost left this off the list, but figured it would be worth putting it on in case you can somehow get very lucky while out shopping. For the most part, this accessory for the Wii U had been sold out everywhere since release, due to it being the only way to use a GameCube controller in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U officially. As a result, you very likely will not find one anywhere, but if you somehow do come across one and are getting Smash, this is a must own item. In addition, there are new GameCube controllers for sale at $29.99.

The next page will cover the must own Wii U games that released in 2014.