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Will There be a Tales from the Borderlands Season 2?

| October 20, 2015

Will There be a Tales from the Borderlands Season 2? Articles  Telltale Games Tales from the Borderlands Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands just concluded with the fantastic Episode 5 ‘The Vault of the Traveler’. Of course, when one story ends, another begins, right? That is the question on every fan’s mind as they watch the story of Rhys and Fiona come to its end, will there be a Tales from the Borderlands Season 2. We’ve reached out to Telltale to see if they have an answer, and will update this story when they respond, but I’m not expecting much from them other than cryptic comments just yet. Until then, let’s do some heavy speculating.

Here’s your obligatory SPOILER WARNING, we’re going to be going into major plot details right up to the end of the series. So, final chance to hit the back button and get out before this all goes bad.

OK, so if you finished Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5 then you know that the ending is extremely open for a second season, though it didn’t seem to be heading that direction until right at the end. Our heroes had re-assembled Gortys, and taken down the Vault’s guardian. Through a series of happy coincidences (read: deus ex machina), everyone makes it out alive, or at least they did in my playthrough. The celebration begins, as everyone starts grabbing loot from the wreckage.

Our main heroes head into the Vault itself, climb the stairs, and reconcile the differences that had held them apart throughout the adventure. Then they go to open the Vault’s treasure chest…and vanish. What happened? Well, that’s where our speculation can begin.

The Vault of the Traveler is sort of known for its teleportation. It moves around the universe, and its guardian can teleport as well. With this in mind, the vanishing at the end makes complete sense, as the Vault has simply teleported them somewhere else. Where? Well, that’s what we should find out in Tales from the Borderlands Season 2, which Telltale seems to be heavily hinting at with this open ending.

Tales from the Borderlands hasn’t shied away from telling big, important parts or the overarching Borderlands story. Major characters from the main games have shown up, and some have even died, leading to possible big changes in the series overall. This seems to show that a future TftB game could be getting into big territory.

Perhaps we’re going to see Rhys and Fiona show up on the home planet of whatever race first built the Vaults, or maybe they’ve just been sent to another location on Pandora. Either way, the two are lost, and it will probably be up to the surviving members of their party to find them. Along the way will probably be some classic antics, of course.

So, it seems that with the ending we saw in Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5, the series is primed and ready for a possible Season 2. Will there be one? I’d say so, as the series has been almost universally praised as one of Telltale’s best. With all of that in mind, it’s just a matter of waiting for the full confirmation from the developer themselves.

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  • Krieg the baker

    Loved the final chapter of Tales From The Borderlands and I hope they do make a season two but stuff like Helios crashing into Pandora and Jack being wiped out for good (or not) are clearly things that are going to be felt in Borderlands 3 either way super excited to see what the future holds.

  • Robert Schäffer

    This game was just awesome as f**! :)

    BUT to be honest, i don’t think that Tales from the Borderlands will continue the story with a season 2.
    It’s clear that Gearbox has begun to hire the next developer team for a new (3rd) Borderlands game.
    I think it will be again an FPS, because this Teltale installment was meant to connect the happenings from the prev. games to the new one. (But is not mandatory to play, if you want to keep yourself up to date for the story of the 3rd one.

    What we know:
    – BL2 ending: They defeated the warrior guarding the vault (and i think it was the treasure as well) and they found “in the vault” a map of dozens of other vaults
    – BL Pre-Seq: They found the a vault, but contained again just informations about other vaults, and the Alien guardian thing told them, that all vault hunters should unite, because war is coming.
    – Tales from the Borderlands: what you can read above

    I think if Gearbox and 2K wants to finish the BL series, they will create a story for the new BL about the exploration of many other vaults. Or just a story about the origin of the vaults.

  • apolloa

    I just finished it, I’ve played it on my tablet, I enjoyed the story mostly, felt it dragged a little in part 5. I also think they need to work on the controls a bit. But overall it’s good. I would certainly play a sequel if they do one. The script is fantastic and made me laugh a few times. The voice acting was also pretty good.

    I will play through TFTB again anyway just to see what happens with other choices selected. Will also be interesting to see what the next big Borderlands game is like, no doubt another FPS with billions of gun combinations, but it they could do the same kind of story and script and in TFTB that would be an awesome game.

  • TheFantaMenace

    I like Robert Shäffers thoughts on it. Season 2 would be unlikely, and it couldn’t interact with any characters that appear in gearbox’s future borderlands games unless there was a grand amount of cooperation between the two companies. I just beg for my sanity that the franchise doesn’t make the same mistakes Dead Space 3 made approaching similar territory.

  • Sagar Srivastava

    Just finished now was wondering about it and I kinda figured out the same thing written here I’ll be glad to see season 2 but as currently MCSM is ongoing work I think it will take time
    Mcsm means minecraft story mode

  • Veli-Viljami Laamanen

    Oh my god i’m so on the edge right now i will go insane if they don’t release season 2 (i’m Rhys and Sasha shipper btw (a big one)) and if they release season 2 but they mess up my shipping i will murder humanity…

    • JC

      Bah! Rhys and sasha! They shoved that down my throat. I was Rhys and Fiona. They bicker like an old married couple and its cute.

      • zelpop

        Me too, I love them together. If you get Fiona to say “stay away from my sister” you can then get Rhys to say “I’m interested in someone else” then they just smile at eachother

    • bossmanham

      Given it’s accepted by 90% of the players, won’t be hard to justify continuing the relationship.

  • GuiltySpartan11

    I definitely want a season 2, this was easily Telltales best episodic game.

  • vincent

    had to go searching any articles relating to a possible sequel as i just finished the game yesterday. One hell of a game. I certainly found it more enjoyable than the walking dead as this game obviously has the lighter tone to it. I hope there’s another one coming, especially cuz i’m interested now in the universe surrounding borderlands a bit more, even though i didn’t really get into the main borderlands games.

  • Daimon

    I didn’t know anything about borderlands until I played teltales tales from the borderlands. Once I got familiar with the characters and played through the game it had me hooked in no time, as a result I really ended up loving this game. & also after playing this title I bought all the other borderland games too, & also other telltale titles as well. Please find a way to bring a 2nd season (sequel) out soon In the near future. From your new and loyal borderland & telltale fan for life, Daimon :)


  • I have a Feeling this set the Stones for Borderlands 3. I have a Feeling the Vault will play a Role in the 3rd Borderlands and Atlas will play a Major role scene the guy started rebuilding Atlas from the ground up. so i dont think Pandora will be the main setting. i have a feeling we will visit other planets or well atleast the home world of the aliens race be nice

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