The Worst Pokemon of All Time

by Louisa Bhairam


There has been a lot of buzz around Pokemon this year, with this year marking 20 years of the iconic franchise. Pokemon Sun and Moon have now been announced for the holiday season, and we are all full of anticipation at this brand spanking new adventure.

We don’t know what will be different, but we do know there will be a new generation of Pokemon to add to the list.I thought I would mark this momentous occasion by sharing my worst Pokemon, because Pokemon like these make me tentative of what this new generation is going to hold. It’s also because I want to hear your list too. Don’t agree with who I’ve chosen? State your case in the comments below!



Let’s face it, the name didn’t quite fill us with hope, and its stats did nothing to redeem it from being a weird frisbee looking heart thing. Of all the lame fish Pokemon, this one really takes the disc-uit(!). LuvDisc was first available in Ruby and Sapphire, and as of now it’s main use in the game is to obtain Heart Scales.



A Pokemon based on the alphabet. Yes, really. Unown has been panned across Pokemon fans worldwide with some even deeming it a ‘joke’. Its stats fail it too, with a lame base stat total of 336 and its ability to learn one move, Hidden Power (which you can teach to any Pokemon via TM). It also doesn’t evolve, which means there is no room for it to improve. The sole purpose of Unown is to catch all the letters of the alphabet, a side quest meant to impress fans which failed spectacularly.



Hey, what a great idea – a Pokemon and snack in one! Vanillish is baffling in design, but it bodes slightly better than others in terms of moves and base stats. The real issue here is lack of creativity, and the fact that you are sending an ice cream out to protect you.

Mr. Mime


Although I love most Gen 1 Pokemon, Mr Mime freaks me out and he’s weak in battle. His moves are lacklustre, and as the generations go on and he gets more detailed, he gets even more terrifying.



Although not weak, this Pokemon is cringingly gimmicky. The idea it can change depending on the seasons is one that many will like and many will hate. I am in the latter. I think more could have been done with this feature, but Castform remains average and forgettable.



ANOTHER fish? Well, it’s a sort of bird AND a fish. And a .. pancake? Stunfisk makes my list solely based on it’s looks and cry. It looks melted. It makes a fart sound. That makes me not want to even try it in battle, although I have heard some decent things about Stunfisk if you can get past those less than charming qualities.



Again, a design which lets the Pokemon down before even exploring its stats. As its name suggests, it is a keyring which is alive and threatens attackers by jingling(!). Although you may write Klefki off just based on that alone, it can actually make a pretty good defensive addition if used correctly and you may be surprised to see that many other trainers have added it as a team staple.

What do you think of the list? Are there other Pokemon which are more worthy to be here, or some which shouldn’t be on the list at all? Let me know below!

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