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ARMS Graphic Novel Coming in 2018

by Dylan Siegler


Recently, it was announced that Dark Horse Comics will be releasing the third and final installment of the Goddess Collection trilogy, a collection of three books detailing the world and lore of The Legend of Zelda franchise. Dark Horse has also published books on Fire Emblem and Splatoon, and now, it looks like they’re teaming up with Nintendo yet again to bring another franchise into the world of literature.


According to Polygon, Dark Horse and Nintendo have recently announced that they will be working on a series of graphic novels based on Nintendo’s new fighting game ARMS, which came out earlier this year for the Switch. The graphic novels will feature characters from the game, such as Spring Man, Ribbon Girl and Master Mummy, and explore the lore of the franchise more deeply than the game does.

The graphic novels will be illustrated by Joe Ng, who has previously drawn for Street Fighter and Darkstalkers books, as well as Overwatch comics, so he’s got some experience drawing characters originally from video games. You can see some of Ng’s drawings of the characters from ARMS in the picture to the right of this paragraph. The first ARMS graphic novel is set to release in the fall of 2018.

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