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Arrow/Flash Crossover Show’s Title May Have Been Leaked By Flash Star

by Dean James


The Arrowverse saw its first expansion last fall with the critically acclaimed and highly successful Flash, with the creators looking to expand that brand even further moving forward. Not too long ago we learned about a very mysterious Arrow/Flash spinoff that until now was nameless, but it appears that one Flash star may have let slip just what it will be called.

As discovered by Caity Lotz Army on Twitter, The Flash’s John Wesley Shipp, who starred as Barry Allen in the 1990’s Flash Series and now plays the character’s father in the latest series, was speaking about the Arrowverse at Cape Comic Con on Saturday. The interesting piece of information comes from a video at the 7:05 mark of part 2 of this Q&A, where Shipp brings up the new spinoff and refers to it as simply “Legends” and says it would have 13 episodes.

This news comes a few weeks after rumors surfaced that the series would be called The Atom, as Brandon Routh would be one of the leads, but that was quickly debunked. Legends does seems like a good fit as this appears to be the team-up centric show in the universe, though some regulars have been announced including Routh, Caity Lotz, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Ciara Renée, and Arthur Darvill.

While this would be a perfect fit for the Arrow/Flash crossover show, as GreenArrowTV points out, there is another show on TNT currently with the exact same title. Could Legends only be part of a larger title perhaps? We should learn something more very soon as the CW’s upfronts will be coming May 14.

This Arrow/Flash spinoff will be coming alongside the special Vixen animated series that will be in continuity, with even the upcoming Supergirl series on CBS possibly being in the same universe as well, due to being from the same production team. With such a bright future, there is no doubt we’ll have plenty of DC goodness on our airwaves by this time next year.

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