Blizzard’s Thrall Premium Statue is Absolutely Massive

This statue will need a dedicated display.

by Brandon Adams


I love me a good collectible, and lord knows I’ve wasted both money and sense acquiring my favorites. Blizzard’s new World of Warcraft Thrall Premium Statue may be a bit rich for my blood, but I can’t lie and say I don’t feel a gentle urge to grab it for myself. Though, the sheer size of the thing means I have zero idea where I’d even put it if I did drop the $600 for one of my own.

The World of Warcraft Thrall Premium Statue is on sale now for an eyewatering $600, and is nearly two feet tall.

You read that correctly. The new World of Warcraft Thrall Premium Statue is an absolute unit of a collectible. I thought my one-foot tall statues were massive, but the former Warchief of the Horde easily dwarfs all of them. Maybe if I stood my Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun up on its end it’d compare, but that’s about as large as any collectible I own gets. Maybe if I had Blizzard’s 24″ Premium Illidan Statue I’d have something to compare the Thrall Premium Statue against, so it’s not like the company hasn’t done this before.

Seriously, if you’ve watched any of our podcasts then you’ve seen my Horde banner in the background. The Thrall Premium Statue is as large and wide as it is. I’m still wrapping my head around the sheer mass of this thing, which weighs in at around 40 pounds by the way. Where I would put it anyone’s guess, but I won’t pretend to be impressed by its size alone. The hand painted statue frankly looks amazing. The choice of colors, how well they’re blended together to make each material pop with a realistic sheen: it’s easily one of the best looking collectible statues I’ve seen in a while (trust me; there are plenty of cheap looking ones selling for good money out there).


Such scale and quality comes at a cost, however, and the World of Warcraft Thrall Premium Statue will set you back a mere $600. This statue of WoW’s “Green Jesus” is more expensive than a next-gen console. Then again, only the most devout of fans are going to drop that kind of money on a statue the size and weight of a toddler. Much like the recent Yeti X: World of Warcraft Edition I reviewed, this one is clearly for the super fans. Thrall’s face may look a little derpy (which the subreddit has happily turned into a meme), but hey, there’s an even more expensive gray version for those who like to paint their own statues.

- This article was updated on:October 29th, 2020

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