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PlayStation Twitter Shares Some God Of War Concept Artwork

by Jelani James


God of War is coming out next year and while we wait for new information about Kratos’ latest journey, the official PlayStation Twitter account has posted some concept artwork from the upcoming title.

Check out the pictures below:




If the gameplay videos weren’t enough, this batch of God of War concept artwork further illustrates just how beautiful and well-detailed the game will be.

To recap, God of War will feature Kratos in a brand-new setting as he goes on a journey with his son, Atreus. As fans have come to expect from the series since its PS2 and PS3 days, the game will include large-scale, such as one against a giant sea serpent, and fast-paced combat. While on the subject of the game’s combat, it will still place Kratos in the driver’s seat — albeit with a slightly different third person view — but Atreus will also help his father out in combat by utilizing arrows and double team attacks. Of course, Atreus isn’t just useful in combat, he’ll be integral in exploration as well. Kratos will come across various runes and other texts throughout his journey, and Atreus will be the only one capable of translating them.

Lastly, though gameplay videos have suggested the game will be more expansive than previous entries, Sony has already stated that the game will offer more opportunity for exploration (perhaps to find more runes and texts for further world-building), but won’t be entirely open-world.

God of War doesn’t have a definitive release date, but Sony has already stated it will be coming in the first half of 2018.

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