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“DONTNOD Presents Vampyr” Web Series Starts Today

by Dylan Siegler


DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind Remember Me and Life is Strange, have been hard at work on their new original IP Vampyr, which is expected to release sometime this spring. Today (January 18), the developer released the first of four episodes of a web series called “DONTNOD Presents Vampyr,” which presents a behind-the-scenes look at the game.

In this first episode, it is explained that the game’s protagonist is Jonathan Reid, a doctor returning home after the first World War, only to be attacked by, and turned into, a vampire. DONTNOD explains that Reid must now struggle between the human and vampire parts of his identity. He is a man of science, but must now confront the realization that supernatural occurrences exist. He must also struggle between his will to help people as a doctor during the time of the Spanish Flu and his newfound desire to kill.

In Vampyr, the player will get to know different characters and learn of their various struggles in life before having to decide to help them or let them become a victim when you succumb to your vampiric instincts. DONTNOD explains that in most video games, players go around killing enemies without giving it a second thought, so it is interesting to make players have to really think of the personal and moral consequences to killing before performing such actions. It was also revealed that the game will feature different types of vampires, from the humanoid Ekons to the beast-like Vulkods to the discreet Skals.

Vampyr is expected to release sometime this spring for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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