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Dragon Ball Super 30 Second Trailer Released Ahead Of Schedule

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Super is only 9 days away from premiering in Japan. As with most Japanese series, we learned earlier today that a trailer for Dragon Ball Super would be airing after the Dragon Ball Z Kai finale, but now that trailer has been released a little early online.

The official website for Dragon Ball Super went up awhile back, but now the station that will air the series has opened a page for it as well. Fuji TV is one of the most prominent stations in Japan and they have now brought us the second trailer for Super that will air after the Kai finale on Sunday.

This trailer is essentially an extended version of the one we saw back a couple weeks ago, but this time it is 30 seconds rather than only 15. Goku is once again narrating the trailer and we get footage of who appears to be the main villain of at least the first arc of Dragon Ball Super.

The trailer is in a specialized player on the Fuji TV site, so if you are interested in watching it, make sure to check it out in their website right here. Thanks to Kanzenshuu, we have a translation of just what Goku says in the trailer that is mostly what we’ve heard as of recent about the series.

“Heya! I’m Goku! After 18 years, we’re setting out in a new series! A while since the end of the battle with Majin Buu, some incredible guys have appeared: God of Destruction Beerus and Champa! Well, they’re gods at any rate, so I’m gonna fight with all my strength against Beerus and company, and get even stronger! The “Dragon Ball Super” broadcast starts next time! Don’t miss it!”

Dragon Ball Super will premiere in a little over a week on July 5, with plenty of information bound to come out about the series in that time leading up to its debut.

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