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Dragon Ball Super Brings Back The Main Voice Cast

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Super’s premiere is fast approaching and the series is still kind of a mystery in many ways. We know around when the series it set and we’ve gotten a description of the first episode, but the overall story arc is still unknown. While we do not know a lot about the story, it sounds like the characters involved should still sound very familiar.

Anime News Network got an advanced look at the upcoming August Issue of V-Jump magazine that will debut this weekend and it gave details on the first episode of the series. The overlooked part of the article however is where it mentions the show’s voice cast.

We knew that Masako Nozawa would be returning as Goku, but this article says that “the rest of the main cast are taking part in this series too! Deeply familiar with Dragon Ball, these actors and actresses will breathe new life into Goku and the gang!!”

This is great news to hear, as it will truly feel like a continuation of the original series. The recent dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai lost a few voice actors in the US, so it is impressive to see them get the cast back in Japan for this one.

Hopefully the eventual dub of Dragon Ball Super can be as lucky by getting most of the main cast back from at least Dragon Ball Z Kai.

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