Dragon Ball Super Website Update Shows Off Possible New Villain

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Super is only a few weeks away from premiering in Japan and we still honestly know very little about it. That might finally be changing however, as the latest update to the Dragon Ball Super website may be showing off the series’ new villain.

The debut trailer showed us a few of the usual characters, but just with Goku telling us to tune in to watch the new series. We will likely see something else prior to the start of the series on July 5, but the update to the website is definitely interesting.

The above image was captured from the latest update to the site, which shows off two new characters. We already knew that Beerus and Whis were returning in Dragon Ball Super and this image from the website shows another character that looks like a heavier version of Beerus and someone that looks similar to Whis as well besides them.

The fact that this new Beerus lookalike has the earth spinning on top of his finger would seem to show that he is going to be the main villain of Dragon Ball Super, though this could always be misleading on purpose.

Dragon Ball Super will arrive on July 5 in Japan, with no release date anytime soon for the US dub.

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