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Dragon Ball Super Will Get New 30 Second Trailer After Kai Finale

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Super was only announced within the last couple months, but the release is fast approaching. With less than two weeks to go, many of our questions will soon be answered, and it sounds like the official Dragon Ball Super Twitter will be bringing us plenty prior to its debut, including the reveal of the next trailer.

Dragon Ball Super will premiere on July 5 in Japan and the Twitter account will be updating with daily content in that span.

The first tweet didn’t give us too much information, except that it would be getting updated across the 10 days prior to release with content. They also showed the poster that was shown off before as the background of the official website for Dragon Ball Super, including the mysterious Beerus like character that may be the series’ villain.

The second tweet leading up to the release gave us the more interesting news however, which is the announcement that a 30 second trailer will be coming for Dragon Ball Super after the final episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai on Sunday.

With it being Sunday in Japan, the trailer will likely make its way online sometime tomorrow evening. Hopefully this will give us a good glimpse at what we can truly expect from Dragon Ball Super, as the previous teaser trailer didn’t really show anything.

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