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Dragon Ball Super’s English Dub Rights Have Finally Been Acquired By Funimation

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Super debuted last year as a continuation of the insanely popular Dragon Ball property, though they had been no word of an English dub from Funimation. This was definitely kind of strange considering their strong relationship over the years, but the wait is finally over as Funimation has finally announced that they have acquired the rights to Dragon Ball Super for distribution in the US and Canada.

Funimation and Toei Animation revealed in a press release that they have expanded their longtime partnership to include Dragon Ball Super in a new multi-year deal, which encompasses streaming, digital download, and home video entertainment.

Not only will Funimation be dubbing the series for release, they are also immediately going to be streaming the Japanese version with subtitles through their FunimationNow streaming service like Crunchyroll started doing recently as well. As of right now, fans can watch episodes 1-10 and 47-64, the latter of which starts at the beginning of the current Trunks saga. Starting this Saturday, episode 65 will be simulcast through FunimationNow as well, with each subsequent episodes doing the same as well.

Funimation did not give details about casting or when they would be starting or releasing the English dub, but the great news is that it is officially in the works now. It was all but a foregone conclusion, but it has definitely taken awhile.

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