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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Dub Trailer Kicks It Up A Notch

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods debuted a little over two years ago and kicked off the recent Dragon Ball renaissance that has culminated in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super. We also got another recent movie a couple months ago with Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F in Japan and now we have the first dub trailer for the upcoming US release.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F brings back arguably the most iconic Dragon Ball villain of all time with Frieza, this time much more powerful than ever before in his Golden Freeza form.

The dub trailer showcases the voices that we know and love from over the years, which is really great to see back again for those that grew up on the series.

Just be forewarned that the trailer itself does hold some spoilers, though nothing seems to be too bad outside of the new form for Goku that we’ve known about for months.

Coming to theaters in the US between August 4-12, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F looks absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to experience it on the big screen. Also remember that Dragon Ball Super debuts in Japan next week as well, so the Dragon Ball renaissance is far from over.

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