Get Your First Look At Goku In Dragon Ball Super (Update)

by Dean James


Longtime fans of the Dragon Ball series were given a treat last month when it was revealed that the franchise would be getting a continuation in television form for the first time since the end of Dragon Ball GT with Dragon Ball Super. While we know that the series takes place after the Majin Buu saga and likely after the movies, little else is known about Dragon Ball Super, but finally we have gotten our first glimpse at Goku in the first image released for the series, albeit the manga version.


As can be seen in the full version of the image on the right as provided by Anime New Network, Goku looks a little bit different than we have gotten used for many years now. It’s not a major change, but you can definitely tell that they will be going with a little bit different art style than we’ve seen in the recent movies. We know based on the image that it definitely takes place after the events of Battle of the Gods based on the gi Goku is wearing, but it would make sense to place it after the Resurrection F movie as well. The boots are also quite different from the past, almost looking like something that would be from Capsule Corp.

Goku himself looks almost younger in a way, but it may just be hard to tell without it being in action. With the character designs being so standard for years, it is interesting to see them go a little bit different route in Dragon Ball Super. With the series set to air in July and the manga coming as well, we should get plenty more art and trailers very soon, as that is not very far away at all.

Update: While V-Jump Magazine is using this image to promote Dragon Ball Super, it appears that it actually comes from the upcoming manga release of the Resurrection F movie. Toyotarō has done the art for that manga and will be doing the Dragon Ball Super manga as well, so it is likely this is very close to what that design will look like.

- This article was updated on:May 22nd, 2015

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