Rumor: Another Possible Star Wars Episode VIII Title May Have Been Revealed By Trademark Filing

by Dean James


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is about to hit theaters next Friday, so naturally the discussions will then start to shift towards next year’s Star Wars Episode VIII. While there are no reports of a trailer being attached to Rogue One, you would think it would be coming sometime in the near future and a title is a big part of that. The title is likely going to be known before the release of a trailer and a new trademark filing has now given us another possible title.

Pretty much every Star Wars film has had a slew of rumored titles throughout their production and anytime before an official announcement. There were countless alternate titles for The Force Awakens that were rumored and that has also been the case with Star Wars Episode VIII, such as Tale of the Jedi Temple and Fall of the Resistance, and now yet another has joined that list due to a new trademark being filed.

Many leaks we get in gaming tend to come from trademark filings and that is also the game with movies as well. The latest possible title come via the European Union Intellectual Property Office where a trademark was supposedly filed on December 8 by LucasFilm for something known as “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.”

As with many other trademarks, this trademark is listed for a number of different categories, so it is hard to pinpoint for sure what this could be for. Following up on The Force Awakens, having a movie titled Forces of Destiny would be a decent fit considering the force sensitive characters from the last movie. However, at the same time this could be for something else entirely.

While it is for LucasFilm, we don’t know if they file any trademarks for other items such as possible video games or novels. In addition, while this has all the makings of looking like a legitimate filing, it could always be falsely made. With so many names coming out this way though, it is at least worth mentioning as another title to potentially look out for when we get an official reveal in the near future as we expect.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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