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The Killing Joke Animated Movie Will See The Return Of Mark Hamill

by Dean James


DC Comics has taken awhile to get their DC Cinematic Universe going, but they have been wowing us for years with their animated properties both on television and in movie form. The various animated features has typically pulled from some sort of comic storylines and the upcoming The Killing Joke is going to see the return of the definitive Joker to many people.

The Killing Joke is one of the most iconic storylines of all, though technically an elseworlds story. However, the premise made its way into the mainline series with Barbara Gordon being paralyzed, which leads to her turn as Oracle.

Mark Hamill became the only Joker to many that grew up with Batman The Animated Series in the 90s and carried that role into the Batman: Arkham series of gamers as well. However, Hamill said he was retiring his role after the Arkham series of games.

At that time however, he did say would only come out of retirement if they did a The Killing Joke movie, and according to a report from Collider, Hamill is staying true to his word.

After tweeting that he was hopeful it would happen, Collider reports that Hamill is in fact reprising the role of the Joker in The Killing Joke. While it hasn’t been announced yet, doesn’t this mean we absolutely have to get Kevin Conroy back as Batman as well? This could be the swan song for both characters from those actors here with one of the most iconic Batman and Joker storylines of all.

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