Will Dragon Ball Super Have An Early Time Jump?

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Super is less than a week away now and yet we still have so many questions about the brand new series. As more details come out about the placement in the timeline, the timeline gets even more muddied, which almost seems like the series will require a time jump very early.

The description for the first episode has come out via the latest issue of V-Jump magazine, via Kanzenshuu, and reveals that the opening episode takes place six months after the final battle with Majin Buu.

In comparison, the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods movie takes place four years after the defeat of Majin Buu. In this movie, we see the awakening of Beerus and his introduction to the series as the God of Destruction alongside his assistant Whis.

We’ve already seen that Beerus and Whis will be playing a major part in the series, along with another God of Destruction named Champa, who appears will be the main villain.

If Beerus plays a major part, wouldn’t the events of the series mostly have to take place after Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods instead? The first episode definitely takes place just after Buu’s defeat but a whole three and a half years before Battle of the Gods. As a result, it would make sense to see us get a time jump after this opening episode or two. This would give Dragon Ball Super a chance to set the tone of this new series and then jump to the time between Battle of the Gods and the newest movie Resurrection F.

The other choice could technically be time travel that brings Beerus into the scene much sooner, but I doubt they would this quickly make Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F essentially an alternate timeline from the main.

It’s possible we could see more before the series arrives this Sunday, July 5, but at worst we should learn what’s going on upon the episode’s airing in Japan.

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