Crackdown 3 rumored to arrive on Xbox One, revealed at E3

by AOTF Staff

Crackdown 3 might be one of the big exclusive games that Microsoft is set to reveal today during its E3 Press Conference. While there have been rumors about Crackdown 3 in recent months, Develop is reporting that the game is indeed on Microsoft’s slate, and today we’ll hear the first official word on the game.

The source that Develop cites in an anonymous one, and no details about the game were offered, other than that the game would be announced. We won’t need to wait very long to find out if the rumors are true. Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference takes place at 11am CDT on June 9th.

The company is expected to focus on games at the show, and with Crackdown being a popular franchise that originated on the Xbox 360, this could be one that gets fans excited about the future of the Xbox One.

Update:  Crackdown 3 will not arrive on Xbox One.  Instead, Microsoft revealed that they will be remaking the original Crackdown, with the game’s original creator.  You can find the first footage of the game, below.

Crackdown Xbox One

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021