Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference — Round Up

by Al McCarthy

Microsoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference is in the books for this year and as expected Microsoft revealed a number of new games, their new console, and some new features that are coming to the Xbox ecosystem.  The most anticipated news was the price and release date announcements for what is now known as the Xbox One X.  Previously known as the Scorpio, the Xbox One X will launch on November 7th, 2017 and is priced a little on the high side at $499.  From there all of the focus was on games, past and present.

Xbox One X Announcement Trailer

Forza Motorsport 7 Confirmed and Revealed

Microsoft has a penchant for bringing cars out on stage to showcase their Forza driving series and this year was no different.  Alongside the debut of Forza 7, Turn 10 also debuted a Porsche Supercar.  Forza Motorsport 7 was confirmed to be running at 4K 60FPS on the Xbox One X.

Metro Exodus Announced Showed in 4K

4A Games made their debut on the Xbox 360, so it’s only fitting that the first gameplay was shown for the game on the Xbox stage.  Looking like a generational leap from the last game in the series, Metro Exodus showed off some impressive visuals that are possible on the Xbox One X.  The game is slated to arrive in 2018.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Debuted Egpyt Confirmed

Ubisoft debuted Assassin’s Creed Origins at the Microsoft Press Conference, showing off both a large gameplay segment of the game and a trailer.  After a year-long hiatus the gameplay and reveal trailer certainly looked good and gameplay changes seemed to change some parts of the Assassin’s Creed mechanics.  Although it certainly still looks familiar, even in the ancient Egyptian setting.



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One Exclusive

It seemed only natural that one of the PC’s most popular games would come to consoles, but PUBG is coming exclusively to Xbox One.  PlayerUnknown took the stage to reveal the first Xbox One gameplay and said it would be arriving later this year.

Deep Rock Galactic Announced

Announced as a Xbox One console launch exclusive, Deep Rock Galactic is a four player cooperative first person shooter.  Looking something like a cross between Minecraft and No Man’s Sky, Deep Rock Galactic features elements of exploration, combat, and looting enveloped in a unique art-style.  Coming from Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games no release date was given for Deep Rock Galactic.

State of Decay 2 Continues to Look Great

The development for State of Decay 2 appears to be coming along well.  The game which is slated to arrive in 2018 is an Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive.  A little bit more detail about the scenario for State of Decay 2 was revealed in the lengthy gameplay trailer.  Survivors that have been abandoned by the military must make tough decisions survive the zombie apocalypse.  Though it does sound like it will rely on some of the original game’s mechanics in gather survivors and building a community.

The Darwin Project Announced

The Darwin Project was announced at Microsoft’s Press Conference and it looks to be jumping into the Battle Royale genre in an interesting way.  Nothing was said about the game, but the gameplay revealed what looked like a reimagining of the genre with players having special power-ups and abilities.

Minecraft is going 4K

If you thought Microsoft was going to leave Minecraft out of the Xbox One X 4K party you’d be mistaken.  Today they announced that Minecraft would be getting an update for Xbox One X with 4K textures, bigger servers, crossplay features and other content that will be coming to the game down the line.  This will unify Minecraft across mobile devices, Windows 10, Virtual Reality and on on consoles.  A new graphics pack was also announced called the Super Duper Graphics Pack that will arrive later this year.

The Black Desert is to Coming to Xbox One

The Black Desert released a couple of years ago on PC, but is coming to the Xbox One.  Announced with this new trailer, it’s not the most popular MMO on the market today, but neverthess will be arriving on as a console launch exclusive on Xbox One.

The Last Night Announced for Xbox One

Another console launch exclusive for Xbox One, The Last Night is artistic, two-dimensional platformer set in a cyberpunk world where the main character faces a world of adversity due to a childhood accident.  The game features four unique districts to explore with infiltration style gameplay.  The Last Night is slated to arrive in 2018.

The Artful Escape Announced as Console Launch Exclusive

Sea of Thieves Gets a Lengthy New Gameplay Reveal

We haven’t heard much about Sea of Thieves in a while.  Rare’s shared world experience is still on track for a 2018 release and the latest gameplay walkthrough gives us a bigger taste of what’s to come.  Treasure hunting, pirating, blowing up skeletons, that’s what was showed off this year for Sea of Thieves.

Terry Crews Gets Everyone Pumped For Crackdown 3

In retrospect, the bombastic nature of Crackdown and Terry Crews is a match made in heaven.  Good thing the casting director for the latest trailer had the foresight to hire the Old Spice guy to get people excited for the latest gameplay reveal for one Xbox One’s most anticipated exclusives.

Code Vein Gameplay Showcased

We’d already heard a little about what to expect from Code Vein when Bandai Namco announced the game earlier this year, but the gameplay trailer for the game was the first we got a chance to gander at.  Dark Souls fans will likely be looking forward to Code Vein when it launches in 2018.

Super Lucky’s Tale Announced

Super Lucky’s Tale is a console exclusive for the Xbox One and it’s an all-ages platformer.  The game features 4K Ultra HD graphics for Xbox One X and is also a play anywhere title.  The game is slated to launch alongside the Xbox One X on November 7th, 2017.

Dragonball FighterZ Revealed

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Confirmed

We knew another Ori game was coming from Moon Studios and today we got a reminder of just how great that studio is at both audio and visual design.  The Will of the Wisps is an all-new adventure but it looks like Ori will be returning and will have a new friend to help.

This second game in the Ori series is said to take players beyond the forest of Nibel.  Ori and the Will of the Wisps is another game that will optimized for the Xbox One X with enhanced visuals, 4K assets, and feature Xbox Play Anywhere functionality.

Tacoma Dated for Release

Tacoma is another in the line of games that have made multiple appearances at E3 with Microsoft, and this year we finally get a release date for the game in a brief trailer.  Tacoma will in August for the Xbox One.

Cuphead Gets a Release Date

Cuphead is finally coming out.  After years of hype and multiple appearances at E3 a release date for the stylish platformer has been given.  Cuphead will arrive on September 29th and Microsoft has begun taking pre-orders for the game.

[email protected]

It wouldn’t be a Microsoft Press Conference without an [email protected] montage.  The trailer showcased numerous games that are coming to the Xbox One from indie developers.  A massive list of games including:  Osiris, Paladins, Raiders of a Broken Planet, PUBG, Unruly Heroes, Fortnite, Battlerite, Surviving Mars, Robocraft, The Artful Escape, Astroneer, We Happy Few, Fable Fortune, Dunk Lords, Brawlout, The Last Night, and others highlighted the growing list of self published titles.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Revealed

LIFE IS STRANGE: BEFORE THE STORM is set in Arcadia Bay, three years before the events of the first game in the series. Players will take on the role of a rebellious 16 year-old Chloe Price who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber; a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel’s world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes this new-found alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons.  Before the Storm is set to arrive on August 31st, 2017.


Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough

Shadow of War got a brand new gameplay walkthrough that demonstrated some of the new mechanics in the game.  While a lot of the combat elements of the game have been retained, a new menu system prior to assaults allows you to customize battles in new ways.

Backwards Compatibility Announced for Original Xbox Games

Backwards compatibility is being extended to original Xbox games.

Bioware’s New Game Anthem Steals Spotlight

Bioware has apparently been working on something pretty massive that closed out a decent showing for Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference.  Revealing Anthem, a cooperative game that allows four players to play in an open world full of diverse challenges.  Ashen looked like EA’s take on Destiny, offering cooperative gameplay and the rewards of loot around every corner.

Players use different Javelin Exosuits that can be equipped with unique weapons and abilities as well as gear that is found, earned, and crafted.

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021