All Attack on Titan Character Birthdays and Star Signs

Who bakes cakes for the Titans?

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Attack on Titan characters in the poster of the newest season

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime ever, thanks to its mysteries and incredible characters. Wouldn’t it be great to know more about them and perhaps find out if you have the same birthday or star sign as your favorite? Well, let’s get to it.

For those who don’t know, Attack on Titan is a very dark story. Giant violent humanoid creatures called Titans started preying on humanity, forcing humans to live within walls in order to protect themselves. After witnessing his mother being eaten by one, Eren Yeager promises to eliminate every one of them and bring peace to humankind.

Birthday Dates and Star Sign of All Attack on Titan Characters

As bleak as it is, we don’t see the Attack on Titan characters celebrating their birthdays (or any events). Still, Hajime Isayama, the author, has revealed the birthday dates of more than 40 characters. Using that information, we’ll also be able to know their star signs. 

CharacterBirthdayStar Sign
Oluo BozadoJanuary 6Capricorn
Krista LenzJanuary 15Capricorn
HannesJanuary 18Capricorn
YelenaJanuary 21Aquarius
Grisha YeagerJanuary 26Aquarius
Carla YeagerJanuary 29Aquarius
Eld JinnJanuary 30Aquarius
Frieda ReissFebruary 2Aquarius
Kenny AckermanFebruary 4Aquarius
Mikasa AckermanFebruary 10Aquarius
Falco GriceFebruary 10Aquarius
Traute CarvenFebruary 14Aquarius
YmirFebruary 17Aquarius
Mitabi JarnachFebruary 20Pisces
KayaFebruary 23Pisces
Marlowe FreudenbergFebruary 28Pisces
Ian DietrichMarch 10Pisces
Kiyomi AzumabitoMarch 22Aries
Annie LeonhardtMarch 22Aries
Mina CarolinaMarch 24Aries
Eren YeagerMarch 30Aries
Lara TyburApril 3Aries
Eren KrugerApril 5Aries
Jean KirsteinApril 7Aries
Hannah DiamantApril 12Aries
Gabi BraunApril 14Aries
Darius ZacklyApril 15Aries
Moblit BernerApril 24Taurus
LouiseApril 25Taurus
NifaApril 28Taurus
Connie SpringerMay 2Taurus
Hitch DreyseMay 10Taurus
Kuchel AckermanMay 20Taurus
LeonhartMay 22Gemini
Anka RheinbergerJune 1Gemini
Thomas WagnerJune 10Gemini
Marco BottJune 16Gemini
NanabaJune 30Cancer
Tom KsaverJuly 5Cancer
AlmaJuly 14Cancer
GustavJuly 20Cancer
Willy TyburJuly 23Leo
NiccoloJuly 23Leo
Sasha BlouseJuly 26Leo
Dina FritzJuly 26Leo
Gunther SchultzJuly 30Leo
Reiner BraunAugust 1Leo
Zeke YeagerAugust 1Leo
OnyankoponAugust 2Leo
Pieck FingerAugust 5Leo
Marcel GalliardAugust 10Leo
Colt GriceAugust 12Leo
Keith ShadisAugust 18Leo
Hange ZoeSeptember 5Virgo
Dot PixisSeptember 13Virgo
Rod ReissSeptember 15Virgo
Dita NessSeptember 20Virgo
Floch ForsterOctober 8Libra
GelgarOctober 9Libra
Erwin SmithOctober 14Libra
Mike ZachariasNovember 1Scorpio
Nile DokNovember 1Scorpio
Armin ArlertNovember 3Scorpio
Minister NickNovember 9Scorpio
Porco GalliardNovember 11Scorpio
Franz KefkaNovember 18Scorpio
Fay YeagerNovember 24Sagittarius
Petra RalDecember 6Sagittarius
Rico BrzenskaDecember 7Sagittarius
SamuelDecember 20Sagittarius
Theo MagathDecember 21Sagittarius
Levi AckermanDecember 25Capricorn
Bertholdt HooverDecember 30Capricorn
Uri ReissDecember 31Capricorn

You can watch Attack on Titan on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

- This article was updated on December 27th, 2022