Best Ryan Reynolds Movies of All Time, Ranked

Ryan Reynolds is an icon in the movie industry and these movies are proof.

by Jordan Bragais
Ryan Reynolds on a chair
Image: Ryan Reynolds

Throughout the years, Ryan Reynolds has grown to become one of the most iconic comedic movie stars in the industry. From rom-coms like Definitely Maybe to hit Hollywood blockbusters like Deadpool, he has made a reputation that is beloved by many. If you’re looking for some of his good and goofy fun movies to watch, here are some of the best Ryan Reynolds movies of all time.

10. The Adam Project

Image: Netflix

Sci-fi, fantasy, with a dash of time travel, and time paradox with a hint of comedy, the movie The Adam Project starring is a jam-packed adventure movie produced by Netflix. In this, Adam, played by Ryan Reynolds, is running away from an evil group and has time traveled in order to fix his timeline. Filled with action and amazing stunts with a compelling story, this Ryan Reynolds movie will take you on a ride with its charismatic characters. It’s a very fun watch with friends and family.

9. Red Notice

Image: Netflix

If you’re after a more spy-ish heist movie with a great plot twist, then the Netflix original Red Notice starring Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Gal Gadot, and yours truly, Ryan Reynolds, is a perfect fit. Taking place from various locations around the world, the absolute chemistry between these three talented actors showed us a great mix of action, comedy, and drama on one screen. From exciting fight scenes to clever ways of infiltration and thievery, Red Notice is the peak Reynolds movie—and his acting holds up nicely.

8. 6 Underground

Image: Skydance

If you want to see Ryan Reynolds with an Iron Man origin story then you’ve come to the right movie. 6 Underground is a story of a rich man trying to look nice by taking pictures of himself giving away goods to war victims… at least until he becomes one himself. Determined to do right, he fakes his own death to form a secret team to take down a dangerous dictator. It’s action and adventure all on one screen, so what more could you ask for?

7. The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Image: Summit Entertainment

After losing his reputation as a professional and effective bodyguard, Micheal Bryce, played by Ryan Reynolds, goes down the ranks and becomes a solo bodyguard for hire… for only a cheap price. Needless to say, we’re big fans of this well-calculated killer version of Ryan in The Hitman’s Bodyguard. You won’t run out of laughter, action, and comedic setups. Plus, the weird yet satisfying dynamic between the mischievous Samuel Jackson and Ryan Reynolds is fun to watch.

6. Free Guy

Image: 20th Century Studios

Free Guy is a movie about an NPC (played by Ryan Reynolds) who gains consciousness and begins breaking the game by going off code and doing everything he wasn’t supposed to do. As one of the best gamer-relatable movies out there, Free Guy is pure fan service, from references to familiar games to cameos from iconic YouTubers and Twitch streamers. We won’t spoil much but it’s definitely exciting. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something lighthearted.

5. The Croods

Image: DreamWorks

If you want to see, or rather hear, a different side of Ryan Reynolds’ wide range of acting abilities, The Croods can surprisingly provide you with just that. Ryan Reynolds voices Guy, the movie’s adventurous main character with great survival skills. The Croods is a great family movie that’s perfect for anyone to enjoy. It’s filled to the brim with adventures, lessons to learn, and fun while we follow the lives of the Croods on their journey to a new home.

4. Detective Pikachu

Image: Legendary Pictures

Speaking of Ryan Reynolds’ voice acting skills, Detective Pikachu surprised all of us. Ryan voices the very cute but feisty Pikachu who aims to solve one of the greatest mysteries in the world of Pokémon. Though people had their doubts from the beginning, the movie made a blockbuster hit and was beloved by many fans alike. From the mysteries Pikachu was solving to the VFX design of iconic Pokémon, there is a lot to love about this movie.

3. Definitely Maybe

Image: StudioCanal

Divorce sucks, and if you agree then Definitely Maybe is for you. It’s a surprisingly lighthearted film that tackles the topic with depth. Definitely Maybe is a story of a dad, played by Ryan Reynolds, who is going through divorce proceedings when her child is asking him about his pre-divorce life instead of a bedroom story. The film goes back to the three lovers that made an impact on his life and his daughter has to guess who her mother is. Ryan Reynolds will make you swoon despite his flaws as a romantic partner and father in the movie.

2. The Proposal

Image: Touchstone Pictures

Okay, so Ryan Reynolds as a hot bookworm and funny-as-hell publishing assistant? Sign us up. The Proposal is a cute rom-com film that highlights Ryan Reynolds’ comedic chops. It also tackles important topics like immigration issues, chasing your dreams, and finding love in between. We’re also big fans of the visuals. The movie was shot in the quiet beauty of Alaska, completing its feel-good vibe.

1. Deadpool

Image: Marvel

There has never been a more perfect cast for any comic book character than Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool, the master of Marvel retconning. Ryan Reynolds himself has done everything in his power to make sure that not only does he get to play as Deadpool, but ensures that Deadpool is as close to the source material as possible. Without spoiling too much of the fun, Deadpool is less about the plot and more about character. It is a movie that pushes itself to the limit of what an R-rated film can contain, so watch it fully knowing the type of violence and innuendos to expect.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023