How to Watch SpaceX Starship Launch: Time, Stream, Recap, Location

Why aren’t astronauts hungry when they get to space... they had a big launch.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: SpaceX

Are you wondering how to watch the SpaceX Starship launch? The SpaceX Starship launch is very exciting because its success can lead to so many future applications on and off the Earth. Unfortunately, today’s launch was scrapped, but they are scheduled to launch again tomorrow. Here is the launch time, stream, recap, and location so you don’t miss out on watching the exciting launch.

When is SpaceX Starship Launch Time?

After Spacex scrapped today’s launch, it set a new launch window on Thursday, April 20, 2023. This launch window will last from 9:28 AM ET to 10:30 AM ET. However, due to the nature of launching the SpaceX Starship and one scrapped launch already, SpaceX has said that this window is not set in stone. You should follow them on their social media channels so you are updated on any changes to the provided launch window.

How to Watch SpaceX Starship Launch

SpaceX will have a free live stream on their website that will start 45 minutes before the expected launch window. SpaceX is using YouTube to host their live stream, which you can find below. So be sure to tune in 45 minutes before April 20th’s launch window so you don’t miss out on the action.

SpaceX Starship Launch Recap

The Starship consists of the Starship spacecraft and the Super Heavy rocket. It is currently Earth’s most powerful vehicle that can carry 150 fully reusable metric tonnes and 250 expendable metric tonnes. The whole Starship is 394 feet tall and 29.5 feet in diameter.

Launch Details

During the countdown SpaceX will attempt to complete the below milestone tests:

02:00:00SpaceX Flight Director Conducts Poll and Verifies Go for Propellant Load
01:39:00Booster LOX (Liquid Oxygen) Load Underway
01:39:00Booster Fuel Load (Liquid Methane) Underway
01:22:00Ship Fuel Load (Liquid Methane) Underway
01:17:00Ship LOX Load Underway
00:16:40Raptor Begins Engine Chill on Booster
00:00:40Fluid Interfaces Begin their Ventdown Sequence
00:00:08Raptor Startup Sequence Begins
00:00:00Excitement Guaranteed

If SpaceX deems the Starship is ready to launch then you can expect them to follow the below Flight Timeline:

00:00:55Max Q (Moment of Peak Mechanical Stress on the Rocket)
00:02:49Booster Main Engine Cutoff
00:02:52Stage Separation
00:02:57Starship Ignition
00:03:11Booster Boostback Burn Startup
00:04:06Booster Boostback Burn Shutdown
00:07:32Booster is Transonic
00:07:40Booster Landing Burn Startup
00:08:03Booster Landing Burn Shutdown
00:09:20Starship Engine Cutoff
01:17:21Starship Entry
01:28:43Starship is Transonic
01:30:00Starship Splashdown

Where Does SpaceX Starship Location From?

The SpaceX Starship will launch from its Starbase in Texas. The SpaceX Starbase is located approximately 40 miles outside Brownsville, Texas, on the US-Mexico border. The Boca Chica subdelta peninsula also surrounds the SpaceX facilities and is what people refer to when they say Starbase.

- This article was updated on April 19th, 2023

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