Where Was The Office filmed? All Locations Explained

You'll be in for quite the Office fandom tour with these locations!

by J.R. Waugh
The Office Locations Filmed
Image: NBC Universal Television

The Office is one of the most successful sitcoms in the long line of NBC comedies to break into the pop culture zeitgeist as a must-watch series. It’s hilarious, heartfelt, and just the right amount of cringeworthy at times. Despite the show’s humble premise of a regional paper sales team (and later printer company that sells paper) their location might raise some questions. Despite viewers likely knowing where the show is meant to take place, The Office was filmed in several different locations that might surprise the fans.

Where in the United States Was The Office Filmed?

The Office takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but the majority of locations where the series is filmed are in California. The only undeniably Scranton-local shot in any given episode is the video in the opening titles, filmed by John Krasinski.

  • The-Office-Locations-Filmed-Diwali
  • The-Office-Locations-Filmed-Scranton
  • The-Office-Locations-Filmed-Scarn-Dance
  • The-Office-Locations-Scranton-Business-Park

But there are numerous locations, particularly houses, where the filming had to change locations such as:

  • Scranton Business Park (Location of Dunder Mifflin Scranton): Chandler Valley Center Studios, 13927 Saticoy St, Panorama City
  • The Dundies at Chili’s (Michael’s annual awards show): ALDI, 14626 Roscoe Blvd., Panorama City
  • Rite Aid (Where Jim and Pam go shopping for gifts for Kevin): 7239 Woodman Ave, Van Nuys
  • Skating Rink (Used for Michael’s birthday): Pickwick Ice Center, 1001 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
  • Diner (Where Pam and Roy break up for good): Hungry Fox Family Restaurant, 13359 Sherman Way, North Hollywood
  • High School (Where Jim and Andy go to apologize for the offensive watermark): St. John Paul II STEM Academy, 465 E Olive Ave, Burbank
  • Breakfast Diner (Where Dwight met with Jan to try to take Michael’s job): Patys Restaurant, 10001 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia Convention Center (Where Michael and Dwight see Jim and Josh at a paper convention): Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport, 2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
  • Benihana: Benihana, 16226 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Poor Richard’s Pub: Pickwick’s Pub, 21010 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills
  • Church Where Phyllis marries Bob Vance: First Christian Church, 4390 Colfax Ave, North Hollywood
  • Steamtown Mall: Westfield Fashion Square Mall, 14006 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks
  • Lake Scranton (Where Michael tried to pick his management successor): Hansen Dam Recreation Area, 11770 Foothill Blvd, Lake View Terrace
  • Schrute Farms: Golden Oak Ranch, 19802 Placerita Canyon Rd, Newhall, and Underwood Family Farms, 3370 Sunset Valley Rd, Moorpark
  • Diwali Celebration in school gym: Ulysses S. Grant High School, 13000 Oxnard St, Van Nuys
  • Java Groove Coffee Shop and Tattoo Parlor where Andy got the tattoo on the stern of the old St. Bernard: 14310 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys
  • Panorama Presbyterian Church: 14201 Roscoe Blvd, Panorama City
  • Ryan’s business school, Pam’s art show: California State University, 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge
  • Dwight’s Staples Store: 2080 Empire Ave, Burbank
  • Dunder Mifflin Company Picnic: Calamigos Ranch, 327 Latigo Canyon Rd, Malibu
  • Gas Station where Jim left Michael behind: 6171 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys
  • Kung Pao Bistro: 15025 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks
  • Larry’s Chili Dog Stand: 3122 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank
  • Jim and Pam’s rehearsal dinner venue: Smoke House Restaurant, 4420 Lakeside Dr, Burbank
  • Church where Jim marries Pam: Congregational Church of the Chimes, 14115 Magnolia Blvd, Sherman Oaks
  • Sid & Dexter’s Sports Bar: 1000 Universal Studios Boulevard, in Universal City
  • Bar in Threat Level Midnight where Michael does the Scarn Dance: Chimneysweep Lounge, 4354 Woodman Ave, Sherman Oaks
  • Hockey Rink in Threat Level Midnight: Iceland Ice Skating Center, 14318 Calvert St., Van Nuys
  • Michael’s Last Dundies venue: Barone’s Famous Italian Restaurant, 13726 Oxnard St, Valley Glen
  • Daycare where Jim and Pam met with the owner: Peekaboo Playland, 2030 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Roller skating rink where Dwight, Andy, and Darryl go: Northridge Valley Skateland, 18140 Parthenia Street, Northridge
  • Gettysburg for Andy’s office motivational trip: Woodley Park, 6350 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys
  • Where Dwight appeared in a milkshake prank video: 1701 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Dwight’s bachelor party: Tam O’Shanter, 2980 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles

Many of these locations are only featured in one episode, and for barely much time at all. While the Scranton Business Park reasonably appeared in pretty much any episode, moments like the Threat Level Midnight episode featured locations never seen again.

While some are self-explanatory and warrant no further description, there are moments such as the daycare where Jim walks in on the adult owner on the toilet, ruining their shot at getting their daughter in off the bat. Jim didn’t just leave Michael behind at some nearby gas station either in a later episode, but left him stranded with no money or phone, left to wander the city of Scranton until Holly picked up on his trail. Only Michael’s true soulmate, with a bizarre love for SNL skits and a similar mind, would have ever found him.

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Some were simply one-off locations filmed for The Office where characters went for any number of reasons, but there are tons of fun stories about each of these and the memories shared by the viewers.

The Office Character Residence Locations

These are where some of the characters lived, and despite these houses all being located in California, you’ll need to try to continue picturing they’re in Pennsylvania and the Erie Tri-State Area. This should go without saying, but be respectful of the properties at these locations if you’re doing some fandom tourism.

  • The-Office-Locations-Filmed-Meredith-Palmer-House
  • The-Office-Locations-Filmed-Jim-Pam-Halpert-House
  • The-Office-Locations-Filmed-David-Wallace-House
  • David Wallace’s house: Abraham Denman Estate, 1485 Lomita Dr., Pasadena
  • Michael Scott’s condo: 7303 Bonnie Pl., Reseda
  • Oscar Martinez’s house: 5232 Longridge Ave., Sherman Oaks
  • Jim and Pam Halpert’s house: 13831 Calvert Street, Van Nuys
  • Darryl Philbin’s house: 14152 Emelita Street, Van Nuys
  • Meredith Palmer’s house: 14142 Emelita Street, Van Nuys

These houses and businesses make for a fun-filled adventure with plenty of stops to make for The Office fans seeking out the locations where they were filmed. The series does a good job rendering an otherwise smaller industrial city in Pennsylvania despite being in sunny California. There are many real-world locations in Scranton alluded to in the show, including the actual Steamtown Mall, Cugino’s Family Restaurant, and Cooper’s. We couldn’t decide on where to go, but when we suggested Cooper’s, we were told “no seafood!”

The Office is comfort food for the average viewer, a familiar TV experience reasonably enjoyed on repeat. For fans to get to see the locations, however otherwise mundane, can spark a feeling of joy and relief. Be sure to check out The Office on Peacock if you haven’t already, or Netflix if viewing internationally!

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023