Spider-Man PS4 How to Get Challenge Tokens

Perform well in these challenges and you'll get all the tokens you need.

by AOTF Staff

Challenge Tokens are one of the many different upgrade currencies that you can earn from completing different missions in the open world section of the game.  These tokens are used to upgrade Spider-Man’s different gadgets and they are also used to unlock many of the different Spider-Man suits.

If you want to be able to purchase these new suits and upgrades, you’re going to need to collect as many Challenge Tokens as you can in the game.  If you’ve just started with Spider-Man on PS4 you will not have access to the specific mission type that allows you to earn Challenge Tokens.  You’ll need to progress through the story enough to open these Challenge Missions.  This mission type is denoted by a specific icon on the map.  In this instance, the orange Challenge Markers are the ones that you are going to want to go after.

Challenge Missions in Spider-Man will reward you with different rewards depending on how well you do in the mission.  You can earn from one to three tokens for each Challenge.  If you want all three Challenge Tokens for a specific mission you’ll want to hit the top requirement.  These are broken down into Ultimate Level (3 Tokens), Spectacular Level (2 Tokens), and Amazing Level (1 Token). If you hit the bare minimum requirements, you’ll earn one token.  Think of it as a gold, silver, bronze prize for completing the Challenge Mission.

The Challenge Missions in Spider-Man are going to be required to unlock all of the suits in the game.  You can find out exactly how many Challenge Tokens you need in this Spider-Man Suits unlock guide.