How to Change Suits in Spider-Man for PS4

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One of the great parts about Spider-Man on the PS4 is that Peter Parker isn’t confined to one particular suit.  In fact there are many different suits that you can change into in Spider-Man on PS4 and it’s quite simple to do so, assuming that you’ve unlocked them.

In Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 you can change suits that offer you unique abilities in the game and alongside giving you new powers, they’ll look different as well.  Changing suits is the easy part, finding new suits is the hard part as you’ll need to do a combination of things to unlock them and then purchase them.

To change suits in Spider-Man you’ll need to head over the menu by pressing the touch pad and then tab over to the suits tab to have a look at your collection.  Here any suit that you can see means that you’ve unlocked it and can currently access it if you’ve got the required materials.  If the suit has an image that is slightly dim it means that you’ll need to use tokens that have been collected in side missions to unlock the suit.  Once you done that the suit image will appear brightly and allow you to equip it.

Simply press the X button to equip the suit and you’ll be on your way.  If you see a locked icon on the box, it means that you can access the suit and that you’ll need to meet certain conditions to do so.  Suits that have a locked icon will be unlocked by completing different events in the game like character level.

Alongside the default benefits that a suit has, you can also upgrade suits by spending tokens on them.  This will allow you to add Suit Mods to any suit.

Here is a list of different suits that you can earn in Spider-Man for PS4 and their suit powers.

Alongside the different suits you can earn there suits can also be changed with different suit mods.  There are 23 different suit mods that can also be purchased with tokens that allow you to mix and match powers for all the different suits in the game.

Spider-Man PS4 Suit List

Spider-Man Advanced Suit –  Battle Focus – Regenerates Focus for a short time

Classic Suit – No associated power

Classic Suit – Web blossom

Noir Suit – Sound of Silence – Stops enemies from calling backup

Scarlet Spider Suit – Holo Decoy – Spawns holgraphic decoys

Spider Armor – MKII Suit – Bullet Proof – temporary bullet-proof

Secret War Suit – Arms Race – Discharges EMP

Stark Suit – Spider-Bro – Calls in support spider

Negative Suit – Negative Shockwave – unleashes negative energy attack

Electrically Insulated Suit – Electric Punch – Electrifies enemies

Spider-Punk – Rock Out – Blasts enemies with sound

Wrestler Suit – King of the Ring – Allows you to throw enemies

Fear Itself Suit – Quad Damage – Higher Damage Output

Stealth Suit – Blur Projector – hides you from enemies

Spider Armor MK III – Titanium Plates – Reflects bullets

Spider -Man 2099 Black Suit – Low gravity – decreases gravity

Iron Spider Suit – Iron Arms – has extra arms

Velocity Suit – No Powers

Spider Armor – MK IV – Defense Shield – absorbs all enemy damage temporarily

Spirit Spider – Spirit Fire – Channels energy attack

Spider-Man 2099 White Suit – Concussion Strike – Sends enemies flying on every attack

Vintage Comic Book Suit – Throws out insults to your enemies

Last Stand Suit – Enemies cannot block your attacks

Equalizer Suit – Enemies go down in one hit, but so do you.

Anti-Ock Suit – Resupply – Continuously refills your gadget meter

Dark Suit – None

For a list of how to unlock suits in Spider-Man PS4 head here. 

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