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Mobius Final Fantasy Will Reveal the Story of Tidus After FFX

by Jose Belmonte


Fans of Final Fantasy X should pay attention to this, as the ambitious mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy is tackling one of the major storylines of the franchise in an upcoming event named ‘Dream Within a Dream.’ While we already know all about Yuna’s future as a sphere hunter thanks to FFX-2, this crossover will reveal what happened to Tidus between the dramatic final moments of FFX to the secret ending of FFX-2.

It is not a coincidence that this portion of the story is being explored as a Mobius FF event, as the director of that title is none other than Motomu Toriyama, who directed Final Fantasy X-2, and is joined by Yoshinori Kitase and other producers and developers who worked on the original Final Fantasy X. So this event feels like it has the validity of a proper new chapter in the story.

As the trailer suggests, the story event begins right after the post-credits scene of FFX, in which it was already suggested that Tidus’ tale was not over. The star of the Zanarkand Abes wakes up in the world of Palamecia, and is saved by the Warrior of Light from one of the creatures of Chaos.

The Dream Within a Dream event has already started in the Japanese version of Mobius FF, and it’s expected to reach the Western version in the coming months.

Mobius Final Fantasy is out now as a free to play title on PC and mobile platforms. Watch the trailer below.

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