Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy Launches Today on Mobile

by Jose Belmonte


Bandai Namco has released today a brand new Saint Seiya game on iOS and Android. Launched as a free title with microstransactions, the game allows players to relive the most iconic chapters of the series, including the battles in the 12 sanctuaries, the conflict with Poseidon, the Hades arc, and a new story called ‘The God Libra and the 12 Weapons’ written by Masami Kurumada. All told with impressive graphics and spectacular turn-based battles in style of RPGs.

Cosmo Fantasy features various game modes that adapt to every player and each situation. Apart from the main story you can fight in an Arena, accept the 15 battles of the Cosmo Challenge, fight together in a group of 15 warriors, or attack another Guild. The game also features simplified touch controls, accessible to all players who may want to try the game.

Here is Bandai Namco’s introduction: “See your favorite characters from the series, such as The Dark Lord, Hades, Odin Seiya, and all 12 God Cloths! You can also encounter warriors from the all-new series “The God Libra and the 12 Weapons”! Enjoy epic battles with the over 100 characters available!”

You can download Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy today for iOS and Android for free. Watch the official trailer below.

iOS/Android 「SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY」 Official Trailer: Play Now!

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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