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Advanced Warfare’s New Gear Found in Advanced Supply Drops is Pretty Absurd

by William Schwartz


Sledgehammer Games has revealed a bunch of new Advanced Supply Drop sets for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The new sets are some of the most outlandish costumes that we’ve ever seen in a Call of Duty game, veering far away from the traditional military outfitting.

A Samurai, a spider, a deep sea diver, a luchador, and a clown will soon be populating your Call of Duty battlefield. Some Call of Duty players are ok with the new skins and variety it brings to the game, but others aren’t too keen. The new gear will head out to Xbox players first, starting today.

These new items will need to be earned through Advanced Supply Drops, a micro-transaction in Advanced Warfare that allows you to pay cash for a chance at a chest that contains these random pieces. Microtransactions aren’t anything new to Call of Duty. Activision has been selling gun skins and voice skins in the past, but Sledgehammer Games and Advanced Warfare seem to have taken this to a new level with the elaborate costumes for the characters. It’s worth noting that players can “earn” Advanced Supply Drops, but they are far less common than your standard supply drops. Sledgehammer has certainly taken a page out of the free-to-play model’s book with these new items.

Advanced Supply Drops come in a number of denominations. One of the drops will run you $1.99 with a staircase of discounted prices for packs which tops out at a 28-pack for $39.99. Like them or not, these character customization options can be found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare starting today.

Advanced Warfare Luchador & Clown Outfits


Advanced Warfare Deep Sea Diver & Arachnid Outfits


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