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Alien: Isolation Is A Game For Pacifists

by Damian Seeto


Pacifists are usually the kind of people that don’t like war and violence. Funnily enough, they may like playing Alien: Isolation since you don’t need to kill anyone to succeed.

Most games based on the Aliens movie franchise were FPS games. The Alien vs Predator games on the PC allowed you to kill just about anyone as a human, xenomorph or predator. They were very cool games, although very heavy on gore and violence. Nothing that pacifists would ever really play.

The horrendous Alien: Colonial Marines is a first-person shooter too. You played as a human soldier killing aliens and even other humans for some reason. It was generic stuff and many fans didn’t like the game at all. Your local retailer probably has it in the bargain bin already.

Alien: Isolation was announced this year, although it took more inspiration from the first film. Ripley in the first film had to survive being on a spaceship with only one alien. The movie was more about her survival than just an action movie. The sequel Aliens is like a traditional action movie with lots of shooting and explosions.

Speaking with GamesTM, lead designer for Alien: Isolation, Gary Napper described how killing isn’t necessary in the game. “You can get through the entire game without killing someone” he said. He also added that the Ripley family aren’t known to “gun down” other people that get in their way.

Alien: Isolation looks like a pretty cool game for people sick of the shooting genre. Hopefully the game turns out to be good and not a stinker like last year’s Alien: Colonial Marines.

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