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Amy Hennig Talks Briefly About Visceral’s New Star Wars Game

by Damian Seeto


Amy Hennig is most famous for writing the Uncharted trilogy, but now she is working on a new Star Wars video game. She talked briefly about the game’s progress at PAX West over the weekend.

During the panel, Hennig said that she and the team have worked closely with LucasFilm in order for the game to have an authentic “Star Wars” feel to it.

The game will introduce new characters, story, locations, creatures and more. Despite being “new”, Visceral spent a lot of time with Lucasfilm advisers so that the look and feel to the game is what fans can expect from the popular franchise.

Hennig also said the new game is different to the Uncharted games or Indiana Jones. In those stories, the main focus in on the main character for most of the time. In Star Wars however, the audience usually gets a glimpse on what the villains are doing. For this new game, it’s an ensemble so you can see a lot of things from different perspectives from multiple characters.

She then explained that this new game from Visceral will have heroes that are the underdogs. This is the way video games usually work as it would be too easy if you were playing an all-powerful Jedi. You can look forward to the new Star Wars video game in 2018.

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