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Another Character Is Being Announced Soon For Pokken Tournament

by Dean James


Pokken Tournament launched for Wii U back in March as a console port of the ongoing arcade game in Japan. While the Wii U game hasn’t received any content updates since launch, the arcade version has seen the addition of three characters, and now a fourth is coming soon as well.

As revealed by the official Japanese Pokken Tournament Twitter, the next character that is going to be added to Pokken Tournament will be announced on December 1. Once again, this will be only for the arcade version, with the Wii U version not showing any signs of getting DLC beyond the initial data mines months ago.

From that data mine, we did get the information that Darkrai and Scizor would likely be coming, though Croagunk definitely surprised us. However, he was already in the game as a support Pokemon, so he was not able to be seen as new like with the others.

The one Pokemon that was in that information that we expected instead of Croagunk was Empoleon, so one has to think that would be the most likely Pokemon to be added this time around. However, considering they did surprise us last time, we could very well get another Pokemon entirely. Just make sure to stay tuned on December 1 to see just who is the next Pokemon to be added to the Pokken Tournament roster.

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