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Another New Injustice 2 Fighter Is Getting Revealed This Coming Week

by Dean James


NetherRealm has been on a roll lately with their Injustice 2 information drops. After first being announced last June, the amount of character reveals was pretty slow trickling until the release of the game’s story trailer a few weeks ago. Following that, we just got the announcement of Black Canary joining the game two days ago and now they are already teasing yet another reveal for this coming week.

The Black Canary announcement for Injustice 2 was initially teased through the game’s official website that said a new character would be revealed on February 2. The same area of the website has now been updated though to give details of the next reveal, which it says will come on Tuesday, February 7.

We weren’t sure at the time before the Black Canary announcement if this might just mean the first gameplay reveal of one of the characters seen in the story trailer, such as Poison Ivy and Bane, but it ended up being the completely new character. We assume that is going to be the case again, but the question is who will it be.

Black Canary getting announced the other day added even more credence to the leaked roster from awhile ago that has been right on so far, so it’s very possible that the next character could be right off of that list. The question is who though? Which character, whether on that leaked list or not, would you like to see announced in this latest reveal coming on Tuesday?

We also got Blue Beetle added to the beta alongside more gameplay of him in the Black Canary reveal, so it would be nice if we got another character added as well that faces off against the new competitor in the trailer. However, that is something that we’ll just have to way and see on Tuesday.

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