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Arrow Season 4 Debut Trailer Teases The Green Arrow And Much More

by Dean James


Arrow may have hit some bumps in the road in season three for many, although I still enjoyed it plenty, but we are just over a month away from the arrival of the fourth season. While typically we have gotten full trailers around the time of Comic-Con, this year the debut came much later and with it are plenty of reasons to be excited for season four of Arrow.

We have been treated to some fantastic trailers for the DC Comics live action series over the last few years and this one is certainly no different, with tons of stuff thrown in your face in a two minute trailer.

We see a simpler life for Oliver and Felicity after leaving the crime fighting life, complete with a house in the suburbs. However, naturally he is called back to duty when the newly named Star City has seen an escalation of weapons beyond what it used to be. We even get a hint at why it was renamed Star City, the supposed death of Ray Palmer, though we all know what really happened to him.

The rest of the trailer is full of plenty of action with tons of shots of Ollie’s return as what is teased as the Green Arrow, Laurel as Black Canary, Thea as Speedy, and even Diggle in his new costume, as well as the newcomer Mr. Terrific and Damian Darhk.

We also get a glimpse of the recently announced appearance of Constantine and even the previously deceased Sara. The question is whether those two appearances will be tied together or not.

You can check out the brand new trailer for Arrow Season 4 below and make sure to tune in October 7 on the CW to see the first episode of the new season.

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