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As PUBG Steam Numbers Dip, Game Offers First Sale

Developer slashes price by a third in limited time offer on Steam.

by William Schwartz


Since the beginning of the year PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam has been slowly ticking down from it’s all-time highs in players playing the game.  While the game is still a massive success in terms of the amount of people playing, PUBG Corp has put the game up for sale on Steam for the first time.

Usually priced at $29.99, PUBG on Steam has been discounted to $19.99 for a limited time.  That’s a 33% discount from the normal price, and the sale will be going on between now and July 5th.

Battlegrounds has been a large success for the developer, but many have grown impatient with the lack of improvements made to the game since going into 1.0 release.  Once a darling for the promise it held has seen it’s competition (Epic Games & Fortnite) surpass it quite quickly in terms of performance and feature set.

Recently, players have been taking to Steam to give the game “Mostly Negative” reviews due to these issues.  The response from PUBG Corp just hasn’t been swift.  Later this week they will be releasing Patch #15 for the game which will bring about the full release of the new Sanhok Map.

If you happened to make it through the last year and a half waiting for PUBG to go on sale, the time is now.

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